Kinesis Pipe

Kinesis Pipes (previously known as Conductive Pipes) are a type of BuildCraft pipe used to transport energy. Up to and including Minecraft 1.6 they could only transport Minecraft Joules, however as of Minecraft 1.7 BuildCraft switched to using the Redstone Flux API. The two energy systems are conceptually very similar, with the exception that 1 MJ is equal to 10 RF, and as such the functionality of Kinesis Pipes has remained similar despite the change.


All Kinesis Pipes are crafted by combining a Transport Pipe with Redstone. The recipe for the Wooden Kinesis Pipe is shown below as an example.

GUI Crafting Table.png

Redstone Dust

Wooden Transport Pipe

Wooden Kinesis Pipe


As of Minecraft 1.7 there are nine different Kinesis Pipes in BuildCraft. Below is a short overview of all pipe types and their special features.

Note that in previous versions of BuildCraft pipes would have energy loss depending on the length of the pipeline. Low-tier pipes (e. g. Cobblestone) would have higher energy loss than high-tier ones (e. g. Gold). This mechanic no longer exists in recent versions, energy is always transmitted lossless over any distance.

Name MJ Rate RF Rate Special Features
Cobblestone Kinesis Pipe Cobblestone Kinesis Pipe 8 80
Stone Kinesis Pipe Stone Kinesis Pipe 16 160
Sandstone Kinesis Pipe Sandstone Kinesis Pipe 32 320 Does not connect to any other blocks that are not pipes.
Wooden Kinesis Pipe Wooden Kinesis Pipe 32 320 Accepts energy from other blocks that are not pipes. Does not connect to other Wooden Kinesis Pipes.
Quartz Kinesis Pipe Quartz Kinesis Pipe 64 640
Iron Kinesis Pipe Iron Kinesis Pipe 128 1280 Energy limit can be configured using a Wrench or Gate.
Golden Kinesis Pipe Golden Kinesis Pipe 256 2560
Emerald Kinesis Pipe Emerald Kinesis Pipe 256 2560 Accepts energy from other blocks that are not pipes. Does not connect to other Emerald Kinesis Pipes.
Diamond Kinesis Pipe Diamond Kinesis Pipe 1024 10240

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