Oil Bucket (BuildCraft)

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Oil Bucket
Oil Bucket

Oil Bucket

Name Oil Bucket
Source Mod BuildCraft
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Oil Bucket is the result of right-clicking oil (from source block or from tank) while holding a bucket. Oil can be used in a combustion engine as a fuel. Can also get refined in a refinery to make fuel which will burn longer and for more MJ/tick in the combustion engine.

Oil Buckets have one very valuable (and dangerous) use beside their value as a fuel source, in that they can be used in the Nether. Unlike water from Water Buckets which evaporate when attempting to empty them in the Nether, Oil from Oil Buckets can be placed. Oil then has similar properties to both Lava and Water. Like Water, Oil can solidify Lava into Obsidian and to extinguish the flames if the Player is caught on fire. However like Lava, Oil flows very slowly - similar to old Vanilla Lava; it only flows a few blocks from the source block, and once flowing it takes a very long time to disipate. Oil seems to be able to flow without a source block for minutes as long as the blocks do not update. (Unconfirmed)

Knowing this, Oil Buckets have a miriad of new uses, from solidifying bridges across Lava Lakes, to pushing angry Zombie Pigmen back. However Oil has one other useful trick - it is hazardous to Blazes. Oil has the same effect on Blazes that water would, only it flows slower.