Gold AND Gate

Gold AND Gate
Gold AND Gate

Name Gold AND Gate
Source Mod BuildCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Gate
Stackable Yes (64)

 The Gold AND Gate is the AND version of the third tier BuildCraft Gates. If multiple output slots are set to the same output, the output will only be send if all condition slots are satisfied.

The Gold Gates can interact with Red and Blue Pipe Wire but not with green and yellow.

To make a Gold AND Gate in an Assembly Table you need 80,000 MJ of stored MJ. Plus an additional 41,000 MJ for the Redstone Golden Chipset, Red Pipe Wire, and Blue Pipe Wire.

Recipe (Assembly Table)[edit]

GUI Assembly Table.png
Redstone Golden Chipset
Blue Pipe Wire

Red Pipe Wire

Gold AND Gate

Recipe (Crafting Table)[edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Gold OR Gate
Redstone Chipset

Gold AND Gate


The Gold AND Gate can be turned into an Autarchic version which is able to send pulses like a Redstone Engine.

GUI Assembly Table.png
Gold AND Gate
Redstone Iron Chipset

Pulsating Chipset

Autarchic Gold AND Gate


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