Name Mariculture
Creator joshie
Latest Version 1.2.2f/b11
Minecraft Version 1.6.4/1.7.2
Forum Mariculture (Minecraft Forum)
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Agrarian Skies
Blast Off!
Feed The Beast Monster
Feed The Beast Unstable
Magic Farm 2
The Crack Pack 2
Yogscast Complete Pack

Mariculture is a mod which improves oceans and rivers in minecraft beyond their usual bland selves. It incorporates many new water plants, fish, diving gear, and more. Initially added only as an ocean expanding system, it comes included with a small magic system, new enchants, tanks, and a somewhat upgraded version of the vanilla Minecraft tools.

Mariculture is split into 8 Different Modules. These modules (except the Core module) are optional and enabled or disabled in the modules.cfg. Each of these modules is distinct, and are not dependant on each other, but there is cross-module features, enhancing the mod as a whole.

Core Module[edit]

This module contains all the basic items and machines that all the other modules rely on. It includes the generation of the ores, as well as the crafting items, used throughout the rest of the mod. It also contains the basic machines, like the vat and crucible furnace, which are intended for combining certain items and liquids, or melting things respectively. More details exactly about the core module can be found in the ingame books provided. The processing book is the one you are after.

Aesthetics Module[edit]

The Aesthetics module adds a couple of things for decoration, mostly limestone at the moment and a few pearl bricks.

Diving Module[edit]

The Diving module adds three types of gear for exploring underwater. You have your basic Snorkel which just helps you breathe a little longer. The Diving Gear, which requires an Air Pump to get working, Allowing for better vision/speed underwater and the Scuba Gear, setting you to flight underwater and letting you breathe for miles, as well as better vision. To read up more about these, craft yourself a snorkel and it will give you more information about how everything operates when it spawns in the Diving Book!

Factory Module[edit]

The Factory module introduces, ways to produce Redstone Flux in the form of the Turbines. It also lets you create custom blocks, in stairs and other designs, with different textures per side. There is also the Auto-Dictionary which is a block to help with unifying ores. The module also includes the F.L.U.D.D. a fun way to get around the world! As well as the Mechanized Sponge, helpful for clearing out large swathes of water. To find out more about all the blocks in this module, simply craft an iron wheel and you will get the Factory book, detailing various information about all the blocks and items.

Fishery Module[edit]

This module, adds 30 new fish, to catch and to breed! Fish can be placed in a fish feeder, where they will produce various different items for you. Once done they produce egg, which can be hatched in to more fish. The module adds a ton of loot that you can catch with fishing rods, as well as introducing various new rods, that need bait to work. If you really hate fishing there is the autofisher, which will let you sit back and relax, though it isn't quite as efficient with its bait as a player is. To find out more information about this module, crafting a Reed Fishing Rod and it will give you the fishing book which contains plenty of information about how to get started.

Bucket Hats make it easier to catch live fish,and are therefore useful when attempting to breed them;

  • Surround a bucket hat with 8 pearls for different effects when catching fish
  • Craft the hat with itself to gain the default again
  • All of the hats have a boost to caught alive modifier, but the default has a higher boost
  • Default: + 10 more boost to caught alive
  • White: Fish think it's freshwater
  • Green: Fish think it's a jungle (freshwater, 24c)
  • Yellow: Fish think it's brackish water
  • Orange: Always catch fish, never loot
  • Red: Fish think it's the nether
  • Gold: Try to catch loot, otherwise vanilla
  • Brown: Fish think you are at y10
  • Blue: Only catch male fish
  • Black: All fish are caught dead
  • Pink: Only catch female fish
  • Silver: Fish think it's saltwater
  • Purple: Every live fish, and loot item is enchanted

(Source for bucket hat info: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1292346-mariculture-1-2-4-2-updated-21-04-2015?page=67)

Magic Module[edit]

This module adds various new enchantments that can only be placed on Jewelry. The semantics of how this system works depends on your Mariculture version, whether you are on 1.6 or 1.7. To find out more, simply harvest a pearl, and you will get the book! (Note: the book is outdated for 1.7 currently but will be fixed in the future!)

Transport Module[edit]

Currently this module only adds the speedboat, this is an unbreakable boat(except by player), that goes at a fast speed across the water!

World Module[edit]

Warning with this module, the generation can be quite intense, so for those with weaker computers, I'd recommend disabling it! Currently this module adds Kelp and Coral to the Oceans, as well as generally making them deeper. Kelp is a good source of food, while coral is great for dyes!

Getting Started[edit]