ME Storage Cell

The ME Storage Cell is an item added by the Applied Energistics 2 mod and several other mods. Storage Cells are expandable to 8 different increasing sizes, 'Shift+Right-clicking' it while selected will separate the ME Storage Component from the ME Storage Housing. The ME Storage Cell is inserted into an ME Drive or ME Chest to store ME Network Data. A Cell Workbench is used to pre-format a Cell to store specific items and an ME IO Port is used to transfer data between the Cell and the Network.

Here's a list of all ME Storage Cells available added by several mods:

Applied Energistics 2[edit]

Item storage[edit]

Spatial Storage[edit]

Extra Cells 2[edit]

Item Storage[edit]

Fluid Storage[edit]

Thaumic Energistics[edit]

Applied Energistics[edit]