Inscriber Name Press

Inscriber Name Press
Inscriber Name Press

Name Inscriber Name Press
Source Mod Applied Energistics 2
ID Name Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The Inscriber Name Press is an item that allows the use of the Inscriber to name items instead of an anvil. Up to 2 Name Presses can be used at once -- the press on the top will be used first, followed by the press on the bottom.


To create an Inscriber Name Press, right-click with a Cutting Knife (either type) in the hand to open the Name Press GUI. Insert an iron ingot into the inventory slot and type the desired name into the text box. Remove the finished Press from the output slot.


The Name Press can be placed in either the top or bottom slot of an Inscriber, which, when given power, will subsequently name any item placed into the middle slot according to the name of the Press.