ME Network

This article is about ME Network the multi-block structure used in Applied Energistics 2 . You may be looking for ME Network (Applied Energistics) .
An example of an ME Network, with access terminals and Auto Crafting system.

The ME Network is a multi-block structure added by the Applied Energistics 2 mod.

An expandable and versatile advanced data storage system with a multitude of applications. The Energy Acceptor converts most mods energy form to AE to power the Network, although, using a Quartz Wrench a Player may choose the preferred power unit displayed in the Network. It is recommended to use a Dense Energy Cell as a battery back-up, with a buffer of 1.61 MAE (3.22 MRF) to ensure a constant supply of energy to the Network for uninterrupted function and data loss prevention [1]. A functional Network can be as small as an ME Chest or expanded indefinitely as a Player desires, provided sufficient energy and channels. ME Glass Cable - Fluix or ME Covered Cable - Fluix is used to connect the components that aren't adjacent to each other allowing to extend the reach of the network, this cable, however can only handle 8 channels simultaneously, which is the maximum channels available with a simple network. To expand beyond this limit, an ME Controller is required, with a capacity of 32 channels per sides. If a data transmission line will be carrying data to more than 8 devices that requires a channel [2] the ME Cable type used would need to be upgraded to an ME Dense Cable, which is capable of transmitting 32 channels.

Several types of terminals and monitors allows for customised access and data display on the network. Some devices are designed with unique specific task, such as the ME Interface, to allow and configure interaction with machines, or the ME Export Bus to distribute items to a machine, transport system or inventory. An ME Storage Bus can be used to extend the network's storage capacity using any inventory, a convenient way to store items in small amounts without reducing the capacity of an ME Storage Cell [3].


Applications for an ME Network are wide and varied, but some of the most popular are:

  1. Expansible item and liquid data storage.
  2. Sorting system.
  3. ME Auto Crafting system.
  4. Automated distribution system.
  5. Wireless inventory access.

Network Device[edit]

There are a wide variety of devices that can be added to an ME Network, each designed to add functionality, versatility, extensibility and convenience. Due to the high extensibility nature of a network this list only includes some the most frequently used devices:


  1. Interruption of the energy supply will not cause item loss, but any pending task will be reset.
  2. Not all devices use a transmission channel.
  3. Iron Chests are an excellent choice for this purpose.