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New to Feed The Beast? Don't know where to go and what to do, or simply looking for some new ideas? On this page you will find a collection of all Feed The Beast tutorials created by the community. These guides are specifically designed to help you.

Name Mod/Pack Category
Installing Feed The Beast on PC N/A Technical
Installing Feed The Beast on Mac N/A Technical
Exporting FTB To MultiMC N/A Technical
Installing additional mods N/A Technical
Adding OptiFine Optifine Technical
Increasing game performance N/A Technical
Getting Started (BuildCraft) BuildCraft Beginner Guides
Getting Started (Thaumcraft 3) Thaumcraft 3 Beginner Guides
Getting Started (YogCraft Pack) YogCraft Pack Beginner Guides
Getting Started (IndustrialCraft 2) IndustrialCraft 2 Beginner Guides
Getting Started (Twilight Forest) Twilight Forest Beginner Guides
Getting Started (Mystcraft) Mystcraft Beginner Guides
Bee Basics (Apiculture) Forestry Beginner Guides
Bee Cultivation (Apiculture) Forestry Beginner Guides
Bee Machinery (Apiculture) Forestry Beginner Guides
Tree Basics (Arboriculture) Forestry Beginner Guides
Blood Magic Blood Magic Beginner Guides
Automated Centrifuge (Forestry) Forestry Constructions
Phosphor Processor (Forestry) Forestry Constructions
Automated Miners N/A Constructions
Automated Ore Processing N/A Constructions
Creating Diamonds IndustrialCraft 2 Game Mechanics
Easy Steel (TrainCraft) TrainCraft Game Mechanics
MJ Generation BuildCraft 3 Game Mechanics
Loot++ Loot++ Customise Config Files

Tutorials Sorted By Mod[edit]

All Advanced Solar Panels Tutorials All Advanced Machines Tutorials All Applied Energistics 2 Tutorials
All Assemby Line Tutorials All BuildCraft Tutorials All Charge Pads Tutorials
All CompactSolars Tutorials All ComputerCraft Tutorials All EnderStorage Tutorials
All Equivalent Exchange 3 Tutorials All Extra Bees Tutorials All Factorization Tutorials
All Forestry Tutorials All Gravitation Suite Tutorials All Gravity Gun Tutorials
All GregTech Tutorials All ICBM Tutorials All IndustrialCraft 2 Tutorials
All Iron Chests Tutorials All Modular Force Field System Tutorials All Mekanism Tutorials
All Misc Peripherals Tutorials All Modular Powersuits Tutorials All Nuclear Control Tutorials
All Obsidian Pressure Plates Tutorials All OmniTools Tutorials All Petroleum Generator Tutorials
All Portal Gun Tutorials All Railcraft Tutorials All RedPower 2 Tutorials
All Soul Shards Tutorials All Steve's Carts 2 Tutorials All Thaumcraft 3 Tutorials
All Thaumic Bees Tutorials All Thaumcraft 4 Tutorials All Thermal Expansion Tutorials
All TrainCraft Tutorials All Twilight Forest Tutorials All WRCBE Tutorials
All Xeno's Reliquary Tutorials All XyCraft Tutorials

Creating a Tutorial[edit]

Starting a tutorial is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Type the name of your future tutorial into the search box. Make sure that it begins with "Tutorial:". Use a short and concise name.
  • Click the link labelled Create the page "Tutorial:Something" on this wiki!.
  • Write your tutorial! Make sure to follow the wiki's Style Guide and Tutorial Guidelines (work in progress) while doing so.
If you need help with formatting, visit Help:Contents.
  • Before saving the page, add {{tutorial}} at the top of the page.
  • Also add your tutorial to the appropriate categories by adding [[Category:NAME]] at the bottom of the page.
  • Lastly, link to your tutorial on Template:Tutorial as well as its appropriate mod tutorial page.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a tutorial!