Tutorial:Installing Feed The Beast on PC

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This article will show you how to install the Feed The Beast Launcher on a PC. To find out how to install Feed The Beast on a Mac, please go to Tutorial:Installing Feed The Beast on Mac.


  • Have a legal and verified Minecraft account.

Step 1: Download the Client[edit]

  • Go to the "download client" section on feed-the-beast.com and choose to dowload the .exe or the .jar file. It makes no difference which one you use.
  • When it has finished downloading, you can move the .exe anywhere you wish, your desktop, My Documents, Downloads. I took a little bit of time and made a .feedthebeast folder in my roaming next to .minecraft. By default, all of the Modpacks will install to the folder you specify to have it download to.
  • Open the Feed The Beast Launcher .exe. It may take a bit at first for it to configure itself.

Step 2: Launcher Options[edit]

  • Before starting to play, you can configure your options in the "Options" tab. Select an install location for all the mod packs.
  • You can choose how much RAM to allocate to Minecraft.
  • Under "Advanced Options", you can adjust the Minecraft window size.

Step 3: Choosing your Mod Pack[edit]

  • Go to the "Modpacks" tab and click "Create Profile" from the bottom right dropdown menu. Enter your Minecraft Username and Password and press "Add". Your "Profile Name" can be anything. It is only used as a name in the launcher, not the game itself.
  • The Feed The Beast Launcher has many modpacks for you to choose from which all have a slightly different set of mods. You can find information about individual modpacks on this wiki.
  • If you have a multiplayer server that you know the Mod Pack of which it is running, download that modpack.
  • Choose a modpack, select your newly created profile and press "Launch". The modpack will now be downloaded. Once it's done, the game will launch automatically.

Step 4: That's it, you're done![edit]

By now you have FTB installed and you can play at your wish. I do recommend for older PCs grabbing OptiFine, which can be installed by following these instructions. Have fun playing!