Fluid Pipe (BuildCraft)

Wooden, Cobblestone, Stone, Iron and Gold waterproof pipes.

The Fluid Pipe is a fundamental part of the BuildCraft mod and once a system is set-up, will allow fluids to be transported around the world without the need for individual containers such as Buckets and Cans. They can be connected to a Tank in order to store large amounts of fluids, and many other machines support fluid inport and export directly using a Fluid Pipe. When connecting to a tank or machine, pipe type and placement is important. To extract liquid, a Wooden Fluid Pipe energised by a Redstone Engine is used. For machines a specific side of the machine might be used to insert or eject liquids, furthermore many a machine auto-eject liquids to any type of pipe. Fluid Pipes are crafted by combining a specific type of Transport Pipe with Pipe Sealant.


As of Minecraft 1.7 there are eleven different Fluid Pipes in BuildCraft. Below is a short overview of all pipe types and their special features.

Name mB/ t Special Features
Wooden Fluid Pipe Wooden Fluid Pipe 10 Extracts fluids from attached blocks when powered with energy [1]. Does not connect to other Wooden Fluid Pipes.
Emerald Fluid Pipe Emerald Fluid Pipe 40 Extracts fluids from attached blocks when powered with energy. Pipe has filter for liquids. Does not connect to other Emerald Fluid Pipes.
Cobblestone Fluid Pipe Cobblestone Fluid Pipe 10 Does not connect to Stone and Quartz Fluid Pipes.
Stone Fluid Pipe Stone Fluid Pipe 20 Does not connect to Cobblestone and Quartz Fluid Pipes.
Quartz Fluid Pipe Quartz Fluid Pipe 40 Does not connect to Cobblestone and Stone Fluid Pipes.
Golden Fluid Pipe Golden Fluid Pipe 80 Accelerates the movement of fluids through the pipe.
Sandstone Fluid Pipe Sandstone Fluid Pipe 20 Does not connect to any other blocks that are not pipes.
Iron Fluid Pipe Iron Fluid Pipe 40 Used as a check valve to direct fluids, adjusted using a Wrench or Gate.
Diamond Fluid Pipe Diamond Fluid Pipe 80 Used as a filter to direct specific fluids to each side. Configured using a bucket of the Fluid desired.
Clay Fluid Pipe Clay Fluid Pipe 40 Inserts liquids into an inventory before passing it along in the pipe system.
Void Fluid Pipe Void Fluid Pipe - Annihilate any fluids that enter the pipe.


  1. Too strong an energy source may blow-up this pipe.