Force Infuser

Force Infuser
Force Infuser

Name Force Infuser
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 6000.0
Hardness 30.0
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Unknown

The Force Infuser is a machine from DartCraft. It can be created by right clicking a slightly charged Force Rod on Enchantment Table (Obsidian in older versions of the mod). It can give certain tools special enchantment-like effects, and requires Liquid Force (or Force Gems placed inside the table) and MJ power to do so.

Force Infuser GUI.png


The following aspects can be added to various dartcraft tools and armor via the Force Infuser. An Upgrade Tome must be present inside the Force Infuser to apply any upgrades. Maximum level and reagents are listed in parentheses.

Note: XP gains listed are from the most current DartCraft figures, which are for 1.6. However, they are accurate for 1.5.2 up to tier 4. Later values may differ for older versions. If they are correct for 1.5, please remove this bit.

Further Note: 1.5.2 also had some items that granted extra XP for first use. DartCraft removed this as of 1.6 though.

1.5.2 Infusion recipes:

Tier XP Name Max. Level Items Effect
Tier 0 1 Force 2
Damage 5
Tier 1 5 Speed 5
  • Force Tools: increases the effectiveness (mining speed) of a tool on blocks that tool is normally effective against proportionally to the level.
  • Force Bow (max. lvl. 1): makes arrows fly faster and farther.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases the base movement speed of the player as well as the control of movement they have in the air.
  • Force Rod (max. lvl. 3): grants 10 seconds of Speed per level on activation.
  • Power Tools: increase the EU consumption exponentially per level, in addition to the normal effects.
Lumberjack 1
  • Force Axe: breaks every wooden block in a vertical pillar instantly, using twice the durability than usual per block broken.
Heat 4
  • Force Tools: attempts to smelt any drops from mined blocks.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases Force Punch damage by half a heart per level, and sets hit mobs on fire.
  • Force Rod: turns the Rod into a Rod of Fire, which grants 20 seconds of Fire Resistance on use.
Tier 2 15 Luck 4
  • Force Tools: imbues one level of Fortune per level.
  • Force Sword: imbues one level of Looting per level.
  • Force Bow: imbues one level of Looting per level. This type of Looting is different from vanilla Looting and will increase drops from ranged instead of melee kills.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): increases Force Punch mob drops, similar to Looting on a weapon.
Grinding 1

Note: Either Thermal Expansion or IndustrialCraft2 is required to use this effect.

Rainbow 1
Experience 1
Holding 1
  • Force Pack: adds 8 additional storage slots. Can be added multiple times by increasing the Upgrade Tome tier.
    • Additional Force Pack Upgrades can be added to add extra storage.
  • Force Rod: allows storing certain entities in Force Flasks when right-clicked with the Rod, at the cost of Rod charge.
Tier 3 25 Crafting 1
Bane 1
  • Force Sword: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck.
  • Force Bow: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck.
  • Force Armor: imbues Bane, that will curse enemies struck with any attack.
  • Bane does NOT stack from multiple items.
  • Bane will permanently remove certain monsters inherent abilities, leaving them quite harmless or even quite cute :
    • Creepers hit with the bane effect will forever lose their ability to explode. They will however, still follow you around. Creepy.
    • Enderman and Ender Tots hit with the bane effect permanently lose their ability to teleport. Not so tough without your space-bending theatrics, are you?
Camo 1 *Invisibility Potion
  • Force Rod: Creates a wand of invisibility which gives the player the invisibility buff
  • Force Armor : Makes the armor invisible, showing the players skin instead of the armor pieces
Bleed 3 *Arrow
  • Force Sword: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with that weapon.
  • Force Bow: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with that weapon.
  • Force Armor: imbues Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with any attack.
  • Bleeding inflicts one half heart of damage twice per second. It lasts one second per cumulated level of Bleeding.
  • Bleeding from different items DOES stack, for a maximum of 15 seconds.
Healing 2
  • Force Rod (2): turn the rod into a Rod of Healing I (or II), that will add 5 seconds of Regeneration I (or II) on each use, up to 18 seconds.
Touch 1
Tier 4 25 Charge 5
  • Force Armor : takes 10,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability
  • Does NOT stack with Repair
  • Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device
Sight 1
  • Force Rod: give a full minute of Night Vision to the player, stacking up to three minutes.
Soul 5
Wing 1
  • Valid for the Force Sword and Upgrade Core, the Wing upgrade allows for limited flight.
  • A Force Sword with Wing is transformed into a “Wing Sword”, and while held it will allow the user to slow their fall for a short time while holding space.
  • While using a Wing Sword or Wearing Wing*enabled Force Armor a “Wing Meter” will show itself on the top-left portion of the screen. You literally cannot miss it. When this meter is depleted you will fall and be unable to slow your fall until it replenishes.
  • The Wing Meter will replenish itself at a constant rate when you are not in the air, however there is a short penalty recharge time should the meter completely deplete.
  • If the user Holds space and right-clicks with a Wing Sword, they will fling themselves forward a short distance, expending a moderate amount of Wing Power.
  • The player may initiate flight with the Wing Sword by holding Shift and Space at the same time and then right-clicking. Without any buffs to the Wing Meter this will last only 8 seconds.
  • The entire Wing experience is completely client-side as to avoid death by lag.
  • When socketed into Force Armor, each piece with Wing will increase the maximum amount of Wing Power the player has by 100% of the original value. With a full set of Force Armor socketed with Wing, the Wing Meter can be increased to a maximum of 5x the default value.
  • If even one piece of upgraded Force Armor is worn, the user may fly at any time using their remaining Wing Power by holding Shift + Space and then Right*Clicking with empty hands to initiate flight. In addition, if the player has initiated Wing flight while wearing at least one piece of Wing socketed Force Armor the player may switch held items without falling.
  • The max consecutive flight time for a full set of Wing socketed Force Armor is about 40 seconds.
  • The player will be able to automatically walk up 1-block inclines with at least one piece of Wing-socketed gear. Players with Wing-socketed gear will also be able to skate across water using power from the Wing Meter as if they were under the effects of a speed potion.
  • Wing on Force Armor allows players to jump higher the longer they hold the spacebar. With 4 pieces of Wing-socketed Force Armor a player will be able to jump up approximately 10 blocks, or higher if that player learns to perform a "Force Bounce", which is a very quick means of getting around.
  • Wing Armor will absorb fall damage using charge in the Wing Meter instead of damaging the player or their armor. Manually slowing your fall is more preferable, however.
Tier 5 50 Charge 2 5
  • Force Armor: takes 100,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability
  • Does NOT stack with Repair
  • Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device, following IC2 Energy Crystals requirements (tier 2, e.g. MFE or higher)
Ender 1
  • Force Rod: create a Rod of Return, that can be setup to teleport you to a known location on use.
  • Force Pack: create an Ender Pack.
  • Force Bow: Teleports the target to a random location.
  • Force Sword: Creates an Ender Sword. Shift + right click teleports you to target spot.
Tier 6 50 Light 5
  • Force Sword: Gives Smite on a 1-to-1 ratio with a maximum of 5.
Sturdy 3
  • Force Tool: imbue the vanilla enchant Unbreaking on a 1-to-1 ratio. Unbreaking also affects tools that use extra durability to smelt/grind etc.
  • Force Armor (max. lvl. 1): reduce damages from all sources by a certain amount. The maximum level of Sturdy on Force Armor will result in a 75% damage reduction from all sources (deprecated), rounded up to the nearest half*heart. (Swimming in lava, anyone?)
  • Force Pack: prevent the entity form of the item from de-spawning and makes it indestructible.
Tier 7 N/A Repair 1
  • Repair does not stack.
  • Repair will imbue the Repair enchantment from Thaumcraft on Force Tools, Force Armor and Force Rods of any type, allowing for DartCraft tools to recharge using Thaumcraft's aura.
  • Force Rods may now also be upgraded with Repair when they are upgraded in the Force Infuser. Other than repair Force Rods may still only have one unique upgrade.
  • Force Rods with Repair inside a Force Belt will recharge, but only half as quickly as they would on the hotbar.
Grafting 1
  • Force Axe : act as a Forestry grafter at the cost of significant durability.