Force Wrench

Force Wrench
Force Wrench

Name Force Wrench
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability Unbreakable

The Force Wrench is a very handy tool added by DartCraft.

Besides being able to rotate vanilla blocks such as pistons, it also functions as a BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft2 Wrench, although IndustrialCraft machines can only be rotated, not dismantled (this can be changed in the configuration file, but it needs some research to accomplish). Force Wrench does not have a durability, so crafting one will last you a lifetime. It does however, need fuel in the form of Liquid Force. To fuel it, press the F key while holding the Force Wrench in your hand and insert Force Gems, Force Shards, or any liquid container with Liquid Force (Force Flask, Cans, etc) into the item slot.

Main and most important function of this tool is its unique ability to serialize several tile entities into carry-able items by 'Shift+Right-clicking' the Force Wrench on a tile entity. When the resulting item is placed back into the world it will be restored to its original state - all data, such as contained items, energy and settings, will remain.

This function works particularly well on IndustrialCraft machines, allowing for players to carry around pocket-MFSUs for on-the-go charging, or bring along Iron Chests for extra storage.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Force Ingot
Force Ingot

Force Gear

Force Ingot

Force Wrench


It is not possible to open the picked up tile entity's GUI while in item form, it has to be placed down to function. The serialization ability also does not work with immutable objects such as Thaumcraft's warded blocks and many other discretionary objects.

Known Bugs[edit]

The force wrench has been known to break worlds. Use it with caution.

In particular, if you serialize items that have a lot of state data, such as ME Drives, the amount of data created in the movable item will be above the max size that can be transmitted to the client by the Minecraft server. and the server will crash, any time a chunk with that item is loaded.

By default, serialization of ME Drives and most other AE equipment is disabled.