Upgrade Tome

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Upgrade Tome
Upgrade Tome

Name Upgrade Tome
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No


To make an Upgrade Tome, throw a vanilla Book onto the ground and right-click it, or craft it with a Force Rod.


The Upgrade Tome has 7 tiers. When placed in the Force Infuser at tier 1 you will have 2 enchantment slots, for each tier gained you will get a new enchantment slot and new enchantments.

To get to a new tier the player has to use the infuser to enchant items to earn a few points (these points are shown when you hover over the book while holding the SHIFT key). If you enchant an item with an enchantment which you have not used before you gain bonus points. Each tier has more points than before and getting to a new tier can be a grind.