Upgrade Core

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Upgrade Core
Upgrade Core

Name Upgrade Core
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

- To make an Upgrade Core, create an Experience Tome by upgrading a vanilla book with the "Experience" upgrade in the Force Infuser. Store experience in the tome by holding shift and right-clicking. Then, craft the Tome with your Force Rod to get Upgrade Cores. You will receive one upgrade core per 100 experience stored in the tome, which is destroyed in the process.

- Upgrade Cores can be used to make Mob Cores, which can be used to craft Mob Spawners. Check the "Mob Chunks" section for details.

- Upgrade Cores themselves must be infused with one, and only one upgrade in the Force Infuser. However, the single upgrade may be stacked to its maximum level.

- Once upgraded, the Upgrade Core is finalized and cannot be changed.

- Socket this into a DartCraft socketable item such as a Power Saw or Power Drill to imbue that item with the depicted upgrade.

- Once an Upgrade Core is socketed it cannot be retrieved, although the core can be deleted permanently by shift-right-clicking the socketed core, thus enabling another core to take its place.