Force Tunic

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Force Tunic
Force Tunic

Name Force Tunic
Source Mod DartCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Armor
Stackable No

The Force Tunic is a piece of armor added by the DartCraft mod. It is made by using a Force Rod on a Leather Tunic. Using a Force Infuser, the Force Tunic can be upgraded, adding enchantments and special abilities.


Tier 0[edit]

  • Damage (5 - Claws)
  • Player's Force Punch will do a half heart more damage.

Tier 1[edit]

  • Speed (5 - Sugar)
  • (max 1) Increase the base movement speed of the player as well as increasing the control of movement they have in the air.
  • Heat (Coal, Charcoal or Blaze powder)
  • Force Punching will do an additional half heart of fire damage and set an entity on fire for one second, for each piece of Force Armor socketed with Heat.

Tier 2[edit]

  • Luck (4 - Fortunes from Fortune cookies)
  • (max 1) Your Force Punches increases the amount of items an entity drops when it dies. This does not stack more than one level per piece of armor, but can stack cumulatively across all four pieces.

Tier 3[edit]

  • Bane (1 - Spider eye)
  • Force Armor: imbue Bane, that will curse enemies struck with any attack. Bane from different items does stack. Bane will permanently remove certain monsters inherent abilities, leaving them quite harmless or even quite cute
  • Bleed (3 - Arrow)

• Imbue Bleeding, that will curse enemies struck with no attack.

  1. be cautious if used too much it will explode.

Tier 4[edit]

  • Charge (5 - IC2 RE-Batteries - require IC2)

• Takes 10,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability. Does NOT stack with Repair. Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device

  • Wing
  • When socketed into Force Armor, each piece with Wing will increase the maximum amount of Wing Power the player has by 100% of the original value. With a full set of Force Armor socketed with Wing, the Wing Meter can be increased to a maximum of 5x the default value. If even one piece of upgraded Force Armor is worn, the user may fly at any time using their remaining Wing Power by holding Shift + Space and then Right*Clicking with empty hands to initiate flight. In addition, if the player has initiated Wing flight while wearing at least one piece of Wing socketed Force Armor the player may switch held items without falling. The max consecutive flight time for a full set of Wing socketed Force Armor is about 40 seconds.

Tier 5[edit]

  • Charge2 (5 - IC2 Energy Crystals - require IC2)

• Takes 100,000 EU Charge per item instead of durability. Does NOT stack with Repair. Can be recharged in IC2 EU Storage device, following IC2 Energy Crystals requirements (tier 2, e.g. MFE or higher)

Tier 6[edit]

  • Sturdy (3 - Obsidian, Bricks)

• Reduce damages from all sources by a certain amount. The maximum level of Sturdy on Force Armor will result in a 75% damage reduction from all sources, rounded up to the nearest half*heart

Tier 7[edit]

  • Repair (1 - Thaumcraft Shards - requires Thaumcraft)
  • Repairs the armor at a Rate of about 1 per second. outputs large amounts of flux and will cause wisps to spawn if used in excess.