Ender Tot

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Ender Tot
Name Ender Tot
Spawn only in Vanilla Biomes
Drops Ender Pearl, Spoils Bag
Source Mod DartCraft

The Ender Tot is a mob from DartCraft. It is a shorter version of the vanilla Enderman, with some behavioral changes. Ender Tots are too childish to understand hazards such as water and will not teleport away to avoid it. They are a bit shorter than 2 blocks tall, and they remain aggressive during daytime.

When an Ender Tot is killed, one or two Angry Endermen will appear and immediately attack the Player, representing the Ender Tot's enraged parents. It should be noted that the Angry Endermen behave somewhat differently than vanilla Endermen; they seem to have the Ender Tot's mindset and will not avoid water.

Ender Tots can only spawn in Vanilla biomes and will drop Ender Pearls and Spoils Bags when killed.