Ender-Lily Seeds

Ender-Lily Seeds
Ender-Lily Seeds

Name Ender-Lily Seeds
Source Mod Extra Utilities
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Ender-Lily Seeds is an item added by the Extra Utilities mod. The seeds will grow into Ender Lilies when planted. Ender-Lily Seeds are found in Dungeon chests (8.1% chance) or obtained from harvesting Ender-Lily plants in the End dimension. These plants are a source of Ender Pearl.

A Fully Grown Ender Lily

Recipe [1][edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Eye of Ender
Grass Seeds (Ex Nihilo)

Ender-Lily Seeds


  • The Ender-Lily seeds can be planted on Dirt, End Stone, or on Ender Core. When planted on End Stone, it takes 7 in-game days [2] (2.3 hours = 138 minutes or 2 hours and 18 minutes) for the lilies to reach maturity, and takes 4 times as long if planted on Dirt.
  • The Ender-Lily crop grows thorns as it matures and will do a bit of damage when touched, similar to a Cactus. The plant will also damage and/or destroy other entities, except for Ender-Lily Seeds and Ender Pearls. It will not damage the Enderman.
  • When harvesting a mature crop, a player is guaranteed to get one Ender Pearl and one Ender-Lily Seed. If the plant was grown on End Stone or Ender Core [3], then there is a 2% chance that the plant will drop an additional Ender-Lily Seed.
  • Ender Lilies do not respond well to bone-meal; they will actually go back one or more stages when this is used on them. The same thing happens when Hoe of Growth is used, or any bone-meal based method such as a Sprinkler. The Watering Can has limited effect when planted on End Stone, but has a higher effect when planted on Ender Core

Growth Mechanics[edit]

  • The crop has 8 stages of growth, including both the initial and the final stages.
  • The crop is only capable of advancing from its current stage to the next stage 50% of the time. No matter what the player does (apart from modifying the block's metadata directly somehow), the crop will not advance to the next growth state if it's not the right time. The exact way that this works is that there's something like a "sliding window" where only half of the crop's growth stages can advance to the next one; half of the time, the "odd-numbered stages" can advance. The other half of the time, the "even-numbered stages" can advance.
    • In other words, one of these two groups (with their corresponding Waila-reported Crop Growth percentages) can grow at any point in time.
    • Group A: 1 (0%), 3 (29%), 5 (57%), 7 (86%).
    • Group B: 2 (14%), 4 (43%), 6 (71%).
    • Which group is currently active depends on the type of supporting block that it is planted on. For example, if one crop is in stage 3 and one is in stage 6, and they are both planted on End Stone, then one of the two crops can grow immediately.
  • This "sliding window" is based on the same clock that governs the day/night cycle, so sleeping to advance time to the next morning when a crop is currently unable to grow is generally recommended (ignoring Ender Core, which can grow multiple times per day).
  • Every block update that happens while the proper "growth window" is active has a chance to trigger the next growth stage. Using something that triggers additional block updates, such as the Watering Can or the area-of-effect from a Sigil of the Green Grove from Blood Magic (not the effect from using it directly on a plant), can be quite useful to ensure that growth happens during every possible growth opportunity.
  • When planted on Ender Core, the sliding window's interval is 3600 ticks long (0.15 standard Overworld day/night cycles, or ~3 minutes at 20 ticks per second), and chance that a block update will trigger next update is [needs more research. It is definitely not 100%, as the watering can still helps.].
  • When planted on End Stone, the sliding window's interval is 24000 ticks long (1 standard Overworld day/night cycle, or 20 minutes at 20 ticks per second), and the chance that a block update will trigger the next growth stage is 10%.
    • The fact that this is exactly one standard Overworld day/night cycle means that the player can use a tool that triggers block updates after waking up and guarantee one stage of growth, provided that the plant grew or was unable to grow on the previous day.
  • When planted on anything else, the sliding window's interval is 96000 ticks long (4 standard Overworld day/night cycles, or 80 minutes at 20 ticks per second), and the chance that a block update will trigger the next growth stage is 2.5%.


  1. Ender-Lily Seeds can only be crafted in the Agrarian Skies Mod Pack
  2. If the "doDaylightCycle" game rule is turned off (false), then this crop will never mature.
  3. Prior to 1.7.10 Ender Core did not bear extra Seeds