Name Kikoku
Source Mod Extra Utilities
ID Name
First Appearance Extra Utilities 1.2.0
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 4,097
Attack Damage 7
Special Effects Armor Piercing Damage 4
Divine Damage 2

The Kikoku is a weapon item added by the Extra Utilities mod. A special sword, unknown by many due to the fact that there is no obvious or shown crafting recipe. The weapon has +7 attack damage that is often considered to be weak but in addition to this the weapon also does +4 armor piercing damage. This means 4 damage that ignores the armor protection similar to the Etheric Sword. It also does +2 divine damage with once unknown effect [1].

Recipe [2][edit]

GUI Crafting Table.png
Mobius "Unstable-Stable" Ingot

Mobius "Unstable-Stable" Ingot




Kikoku has no known uses in crafting.


  1. It is said that divine damage can hurt a Player that is protected against damage, as in creative mode or by other means such as god mode. However, only the former holds true in most cases, as divine damage behaves the same as Void damage, against which a full set of Draconic Armor (Draconic Helm, Draconic Chestplate, Draconic Leggings, Draconic Boots) protects, although even against armorless Creative mode users, it only does 2 damage (1 heart), so it would take quite some time to actually "kill the king". The divine damage doesn't do a lot against a Hydra, which is protected against even void damage from weapons unless hit on the head.
  2. There are two different ways to craft the Kikoku but only one is reliable. The way to craft the Kikoku using Mobius "Unstable-Stable" Ingot is known to work in Extra Utilities 1.2.11. If crafted using Unstable Ingots, the Etheric Sword is obtained instead.


  • On release of Extra Utilities 1.2.0 the Kikoku weapon was announced but didn't have a recipe yet. Soon a popular rumour spread that the Kikoku could be obtained by performing some kind of ritual. This however is a highly unreliable way to get the weapon since it is random. It was mentioned that in version 1.2.5 the chance to get the Kikoku was 50% but this chance only applies the first time, regardless of how many times the ritual is performed. This is because the code will return the same result every time the ritual is performed. The factors determining if the ritual should succeed or not, depends on the world seed, and the user profile id and name. Changing the world seed gives a renewed chance to get the Kikoku. The ritual is intended as a joke attempting to humiliate the Player. Because of this the Player can only perform the ritual in Multiplayer mode. However according to the de-obfuscated code of Extra Utilities 1.2.11, the ritual may actually work but of course the result is random.

    In order to perform the ritual another Player has to be present in the same chunk. Items needed are: a set of pink dyed leather armor specifically named, an Etheric Sword and a Pink Tulip. The Etheric Sword will be consumed when performing the ritual even if unsuccessful.

    The armor must be equipped, the Pink Flower held and the Etheric Sword in the inventory. Then with the other Player in the chunk, sprint around in the chunk. Each tick sprinted has a 1 to 800 chance to give a result. The result can either be a custom named Rick Roll music disc or a Kikoku. A music disk received means the ritual has failed, and this will always be the result of any further ritual performed on that particular world seed.

    Use an Anvil and name the items as follow (case-sensitive):
  • Leather Cap - "I feel pretty"
  • Leather Tunic - "Oh, so pretty"
  • Leather Pants - "I feel pretty"
  • Leather Boots - "and witty and bright!"
  • Pink Tulip - "All you need is Wuv!"
  • A Player named RWTema can, allegedly, Right-click on an Etheric Sword to obtain a Kikoku.
  • This sword is based on the one used by Trafalgar D. Water Law from the One Piece anime series. His sword called a Kikoku, is a large Japanese Nodachi sword type that is approximately 6 feet long. A reference to this character's last name is seen in the Kikoku's id name: ExtraUtilities:lawSword.
  • Divine damage can be protected against with the Draconic armor set (Draconic Helm, Draconic Chestplate, Draconic Leggings, Draconic Boots), as divine damage behaves the same as Void damage against which complete Draconic armor protects.
  • In Minecraft 1.10, divine damage behaves differently. It subtracts one heart from the victim's life capacity (similarly to the Soul Fragment creation process, but not permanently) until death. Ten strikes mean immediate death. If the victim dies, he/she will regain all lost life capacity.