Deep Dark

The Deep Dark, or Underdark, is a dimension added by the Extra Utilities mod. It is accessed by creating and standing on the Portal to the 'Deep Dark'. A tenebrous maze of caves and caverns where Shadows lurk like Piranhas and light is vital to the Player's welfare.

The Shadows[edit]

The origin of the hostility is unknown, but light is vital in the Deep Dark; spending too long in the darkness will leave the Player as prey for the Shadows, which attack in half-heart ticks. Invisible, the Shadows can prove deadly if the Player is carelessly exploring, or run off into the dark to avoid attack. Fortunately, light keeps the Shadows at bay.


Upon spawning in the Deep Dark, the Player will be in a hollow 5×5×4 Cobblestone chamber near level 180 with another Portal to the 'Deep Dark' in place of the bottom center block of Cobblestone. Torches will surround the perimeter, as well as one extra directly on top of the Portal block. Standing on this Portal block will send the Player back to the dimension where the Player first entered the Deep Dark from.


The Deep Dark consists of 5 basic "Layers"; A smooth bedrock ceiling at level 256, solid stone with various ore between level 255 and 138 a large cavern area between level 137 and 82, a cave system down to level 1, and then the Void.


A smooth sheet of bedrock. It is possible to teleport through this with an Ender Pearl, however, there is no way back, and taking a portal block won't help as it is at the top of the map.


A solid layer of stone with ores embedded in it as per Minecraft's normal ore distribution [1]. The spawn chamber is the only cave in this layer.


Similar to Minecraft Vanilla caves; with occasional holes strewn about, so be wary!


The main section of the Deep Dark; featuring 4 structures, pillars and holes. It is characterized by the Cobblestone stalactites that are hanging from the ceiling, and short stalagmites interspersed on the surface. Entrance to caves can be found in abundance on the ground. If Ars Magica is installed, Pools of Liquid Essence can be found here in plentiful supply.


Solid Cobblestone pillars from the floor to the roof of the cavern; Do not contain any valuables, but could be a good way to get from the floor to a return portal if there is no other way.


Large holes in the floor are scattered around the Cavern; Unwary adventurers may find themselves falling into the Void if care is not taken!

House of Darkness[edit]

The House of Darkness is a dungeon type structure with many confusing hallways, doors and rooms, spawner and chest are found here and there. There is always a ladder directly in the middle of the House that can access any of the floors in the house, as well as the roof. Chests are always guarded by a spawner on top of them; Zombie, Skeleton, Spider and Creeper are encountered in the Houses of Darkness. The number of Houses in the Dimension is uncertain.

Bedrock Trees[edit]

Only roughly shaped like trees, these structures are fairly rare. A single chest may be found somewhere on one of the upper branches which is usually filled, with at least one item in each slot, and have been found to contain Stone, Mossy Cobblestone, Torches, Coal, Redstone, Iron and Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds and Diamond Blocks in rare cases.


  1. Normal ore distribution in a SkyBlock type modpack might mean that there are no ores at all.


  • While water does not appear to spawn in the Cavern layer, it does in lower level Caves.
  • Even though there is no physical change, biomes are still effective in the Deep Dark, so building a portal in a Mushroom biome, either natural or terraformed, will stop mobs from spawning, but the Shadows can still hurt the Player.
  • The item Hyperenergetic Nitor can be very useful if available.
  • Potion of Night vision completely blinds the Player. However the night vision thaumic lens from Thaumic Horizons works fine.
  • Mobs spawned in this dimension possess double their normal health.
  • Some areas are solid dirt from the bottom of the cobble pillars to the bedrock
  • Lava seems to move at the speed of water in this dimension.