Black Hole Talisman (Botania)

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Black Hole Talisman
Black Hole Talisman

Black Hole Talisman

Name Black Hole Talisman
Source Mod Botania
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Unknown

Ever needed to store near infinite stacks of one block? The black talisman is that, an elven /dev/null, can be paired with a Ring of Loki and will supply blocks to the Rod of the Lands, Rod of the Shifting Crust, Rod of the Depths.

The Black Hole Talisman is a portable storage utility added by Botania. It can hold up to 2,147,483,647 of a single block type. If the Talisman absorbs any items when at maximum capacity, all contents will be lost.

Having a Rod of the Lands, Highlands or Terra Firma in the user's inventory will provide the Rod of the Shifting Crust with Dirt for their standard mana cost. Rod of the Depths will do the same with Cobblestone. Black Hole Talisman will provide its contents for no additional cost.



Black Hole Talisman (Botania) has no known uses in crafting.