Spell Shape

Each Ars Magica 2 spell must have at least one Spell Shape, at least one Spell Component, and can also have Spell Modifiers.


  • Area of Effect -- Must be placed last. This Shape effects an area around the place the spell is cast. Nothing will happen if a spell with this Shape is cast in Diminished mode.
  • Beam -- Upgrades the effect and mana cost of Channel.
  • Binding -- Creates a tool that uses mana instead of durability.
    • May not be implemented in certain versions of this mod.
  • Chain -- Allows the spell to jump to 4 additional targets around the casting point.
  • Channel -- Allows the spell to be cast continuously.
  • Contingency -- Activates when one of the five items below happens to the player.
    • Death -- Activates just before death.
    • Fall -- Activates just before impact.
    • Fire -- Activates when the player is lit on fire.
    • Health -- Activates when the player heals.
    • Hit -- Activates when the player is hit.
  • Projectile -- Casts the spell once in front of the player. The spell activates on contact with a block or a mob.
  • Rune -- Activates on the ground near the casting point and can be triggered only once.
  • Self -- Casts the spell on the player.
  • Touch -- Casts the spell on a block or mob that the player can touch
  • Zone -- Must be placed first. Activates on the ground near the casting point and effects anything within a radius for a time.


When making a spell in the Crafting Altar, various items must be dropped to fuel the process. If the essence is needed, pull the lever on the Crafting Altar to drain it from the Nexus or Battery. The first cost for any spell is a Blank Rune. The last is a Spell Parchment.