Name Gateway
Source Mod Ars Magica 2
ID Name Unknown
Type Structure
Stackable Unknown
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The Gateway is a multi-block structure that allows you to create portals linking you to other Gateways in your world. It is powered by Raw Essence and is required to be built with a bottom layer of and the Keystone Receptacle.

The Keystone Receptacle does not need a Keystone to work, the Keystones are there for locking a portal to require a specific 'combination' of sorts to be used before you can come out from that portal. If there are more than two Gateways without a Keystone assigned to it though then they are called being on the "Open" Gateway network and anyone may arrive at an open gateway and it is random as to which of the portals you will come out of so the Keystone also serves as a directional function as well as a locking function.

The amount of Raw Essence required to power the Gateway is based on the distance - a maximum of 11,952 meters is capable of being traveled since the Gateway can only store a maximum of 250,000 Raw Essence.

To use the Gateway, right click the Keystone Receptacle at the top and if it has enough power then a swirling portal will appear and you can walk through it. To assign a keystone to it, shift right click the Keystone Receptacle and drop the proper keystone you wish to use for it in the Receptacle. To use the Gateway to access a keystone-assigned Gateway, right click the Keystone Receptacle with the proper keystone as your held item.