Spell Creation

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In Ars Magica 2 Spells are crafted and customized before becoming usable by the player. Every spell must be created by combining Spell Parts. At least one Spell Shape and one Spell Component is required to make a spell, but Spell Modifiers can be added too.

Spell Creation[edit]

There are multiple steps that go into the process of making a spell.

Unlocking the Arcane Arts[edit]

The first thing that is required will be an Arcane Compendium. The Compendium is created by placing a Book in an Item Frame directly above a pool of Liquid Etherium. The Etherium will then pour its arcane energy into the Book, creating the Compendium.

Preparing for Spells[edit]

The next step will involve crafting an Occulus and an Incription Table and placing them anywhere in the world, note that the Inscription Table requires two blocks of space to be placed, similar to a Bed. The Occulus is used to unlock Spell Parts, it is recommended to unlock the Touch Shape and Dig Component first as this will allow for a simple spell that has a low Mana cost and can be used often to mine and gain experience for Magic Levels. Once these are unlocked, a Book and Quill will be required to be placed in the Inscription Table where you may choose the Components and Shapes for your spell. Once the Parts are chosen, you may name the book and craft it into a Spellbook. Reading this book will reveal the items required to craft the spell in the Crafting Altar.

Crafting the Spell[edit]

Crafting the Spell requires that a Crafting Altar be built. The Arcane Compendium has an entry on the Crafting Altar multiblock structure. Once this is built, the Crafting Altar block that is placed on the top middle block of the multiblock structure should change texture to match the texture of whatever block was used to craft the Crafting Altar multiblock.

An Obelisk (Ars Magica 2) is required for most spells:

  • Place the Obelisk within ten blocks of the Crafting Altar.
  • Craft a Crystal Wrench and use the Crystal Wrench on the Obelisk and then on the Crafting Altar block (top middle of the multiblock structure) to create a link to route the Etherium from the Obelisk to the Altar
  • Place Vinteum Dust or a Bucket of Liquid Etherium in the Obelisk and it will start generating Neutral Etherium and routing it to the crafting altar.

Once the Altar has been built and powered by the Obelisk , you may place the Spellbook on the Lectern and use it to see the required parts. Each part must be thrown into the altar in the order that the Spellbook indicates. For Spells that require Etherium Energy, flip the Lever and the Altar will feed the Etherium into the spell.

If completed successfully, the altar will create the Spell and drop it as an item. The first time using the Spell will allow the player to choose an Icon and be able to Name the spell.