Water Guardian

Water Guardian
Name Water Guardian
Hostility Agressive
Spawn By Player
Drops Blue Orb, Water Essence
Breeding No
Source Mod Ars Magica 2

The Water Guardian is a mob added by Ars Magica 2 mod. It is one of the first bosses the player will most likely fight. This boss is a good way to get blue orbs, and water essence.

Compendium Entry[edit]

The guardian of water is a unique being. It is always in a state of fluidity, making it able to shrug off attacks occasionally. It is a trickster as well, flowing into copies of itself and attacking from ambush if one is fooled by the decoy. Recommended Level: 10

The water guardian can be summoned by creating a redstone inlay circle in any biome that is predominantly water. Then, while raining, throw a boat and a bucket of water into the circle as homage to the many ships lost at sea.


To summon the water guardian, you must first craft Redstone Inlay. With the redstone inlay create three by three square with the center in a river, ocean, or similar water biome. Then, throw a Water Bucket and a Boat into the center of the inlay during rain or thunderstorm.


Level 10 to 20 is recommended for this fight. Since the boss may give you a potion effect which prevents you from swimming, a platform should be created to prevent drowning. You should also create a wall around the inlay to serve as a shield . You should also create a bunker to help you heal up when you are low on health. A projectile spell is highly recommended, and a regeneration spell also helps but is usually hard to get. Armor doesn't do much against this boss unless it has Magic Protection enchantment on it.


This boss has three attacks. The most common is a single hit that does magic damage to the player. His second is a area of effect that spews water bolts in all directions. This gives the player Watery Grave which prevents swimming. His final attack summons two similar mobs which will swarm players until they despawn after about a minute. To kill this boss, fire your projectile from above your barricade and stop to regenerate health while avoiding sinking in the water.


When the water guardian dies, it will drop one Infinity Orb and one Water Essence. The blue orb can be used to increase your research in the Occulus by one blue point. You may use the Redstone inlay again to summon another one.