Liquid Essence

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Liquid Essence
Liquid Essence

Name Liquid Essence
Source Mod Ars Magica 2
ID Name Unknown
Type Liquid
Stackable Unknown

Liquid Essence is often found in 2x2 squares throughout the world, though lucky players can find small lakes of this precious resource.


  • Place a Book in a Vanilla Item Frame near a source block of Liquid Essence. Runes will fly from the ground to the book until it transforms into an Arcane Compendium.
  • If this liquid is flowing under the center of a Essence Nexus's rune it will generate raw essence. The flowing Liquid Essence must be below the rune (not left or right) within a range of 2-10 blocks, but after a small time the Nexus will absorb the source block. It's possible to automate the placement and removal of the source block so that the Nexus keeps generating energy without consuming the Liquid Essence. To tell how much essence is in the Nexus, use a Magitech Staff
  • Safer lighting alternative to Lava.