Etherium (Ars Magica 2)

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Etherium is the power system used in Ars Magica 2 as of v1.2 as a replacement for Essence with very similar characteristics.

Liquid Etherium is randomly generated in pools throughout the world. Used to create the Arcane Compendium by placing a Book in an Item Frame directly above the pool of Etherium. The liquid Etherium can be pumped, piped and stored just like any vanilla liquid. Liquid Etherium has a feint glow and as such, is easier to find in the world at night.

Types of Etherium[edit]

Etherium comes in a liquid form and three energy forms similar to Essence:

  • Dark Etherium: Generated by a Black Aurem as it harvests nearby mobs. This effect does not work against other players.

Using Etherium[edit]

Etherium is used as an energy source for many Ars Magica 2 machines.

To use Etherium it must first be routed from an Etherium source to the machine that will be using it. This is done by using a Crystal Wrench on the source and then on the destination, a message with an error will appear if unsuccessful.

The maximum distance between the source and destination is 10 blocks, which can be extended using Conduits, which must also be within 10 blocks of the source, destination and other Conduits.