Nature Guardian

Nature Guardian
Nature Guardian.png
Name Nature Guardian
Health 500 (Heart.png x 250)
Hostility Agressive
Spawn By Player
Drops Red Orb and 1-3 Nature Essence
Rare Drops Nature's Scythe
Breeding No
Source Mod Ars Magica 2

The Nature Guardian is a late game boss mob from Ars Magica 2.


In order to summon the Nature Guardian, 5 Dryads must be killed in quick succession. The Nature Guardian will appear immediately after that.


The Nature Guardian has three attacks:

  1. A basic attack with its scythe. This attack does 12 damage to an unarmored player, so it is recommended to have healing spells on hand.
  2. A twirling attack with its scythe. This attack does less damage(only 7), but it does so to all players near it.
  3. Scythe throw. It can throw its scythe, doing 12 damage at range. Players can also be damaged by the scythe while it is returning to the Nature Guardian.


The Nature Guardian is a surprisingly powerful boss, with high defense, meaning a good powerful spell using damage such as lightning is recommended. It is also incredibly helpful to get the 5 Dryads into an enclosed area/arena for the fight, using something such as a Safari Net, since the nature guardian doesn't teleport, allowing the player to keep safely away from the guardian, while picking off its life with the aforementioned spells. As for armor, while battlemage (preferably with burnout reduction) will work fine, a combination of the Earth Armor and battlemage (once again with burnout reduction and enchants) will leave the wearer invincible unless the Earth Armor breaks (tested fairly extensively against most types of damage, including drowning). With this preparation, the fight is made simpler. And in case the player doesn't have spells that do enough damage to quickly take down the boss, a set of Armor Protection Poppets allow the playerto keep going in the fight for longer, without any of their armor being broken.


The Nature Guardian drops one Red Infinity Orb, and has a chance to drop the Nature's Scythe, a powerful lategame AM2 weapon, along with 1-3 Nature Essence, used in certain other recipes, including the High Essence Core, which is used in the making of Pure Essence.

Compendium Entry[edit]

The Nature Guardian is a fearsome opponent. Boasting a deadly scythe and the skill to use it, only the most powerful or foolish would seek it out. The few who have survived an encounter state that it is just as dangerous at range as in melee, if not more. Recommended level: 60

Rumor has it that it appears to guard the servants of nature when enough are slain in quick succession. Nature can be harsh, but it will not tolerate a massacre.

Warning: This is a very difficult boss that will take down even the most well geared players.