Oil Prospector

Oil Prospector
Oil Prospector

Name Oil Prospector
Source Mod Magneticraft
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Oil Prospector is an item added by the Magneticraft mod. It is a tool used to prospect for Magneticraft world generated Oil Sources by right-clicking it on the ground. It does't currently indicate BuildCraft Oil or other liquid Oil in the world. It can not be enchanted in a Vanilla Enchantment Table, but can be renamed and have books added on the Anvil. Its internal energy storage will hold 250kJs of energy. The Oil Prospector can be charged with a Tesla Coil or by placing it in the top slot of a Battery.

Magneticraft Oil processing starts by finding a vein of Oil Source blocks using the Oil Prospector and then setting up a Pumpjack above it. The Pumpjack is powered by Magneticraft Low Voltage that either has to be produced by Magneticraft machines or converted from other sources of power (RF, etc) using Magneticraft converters. If the Pumpjack is placed above an Oil Source and powered, it will dig below the Horse Head end in a 1x1 hole down and eject the blocks (Item conduits from most mods do not connect to the Pumpjack) into the world in front of it until it gets to the Oil Source vein. The Pumpjack will place Concrete posts in place of the blocks it digs, similiar to the tubing of a real world Pumpjack, until it reaches an Oil Source block. The Concrete posts do not despawn or decay in v0.6.1 even after the Pumpjack is done and is removed. Once the Pumpjack reaches an Oil Source, it will extract Oil from the Oil Source and when it is depleted, it will turn that into a Drained Oil Source and start extracting from connected Oil Sources until the entire vein is drained. Oil will automatically eject from any of the 3 connectors below the Horse Head end of the Pumpjack into connected fluid inventories or pipes, such as the Iron Pipe or Fluid Tank.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Small Battery

Iron Ingot

Tungsten Ingot (Magneticraft)

Oil Prospector



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