FORTH Boot Disk

FORTH Boot Disk
FORTH Boot Disk

Name FORTH Boot Disk
Source Mod RedPower 2
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

The FORTH Boot Disk is a variation of the Blank Floppy that has a FORTH Interpreter program installed on it. The disk is used for the initial boot operation of any RedPower computer (consists of a Central Processing Unit, a Monitor and a Disk Drive) so that commands can be entered onto the Monitor. Without a FORTH Boot Disk, all the components for a computer are useless as no commands can be entered and no programs can be run.

The item and its recipe are hidden from NEI, even when the specific item ID is entered into the search box. However it is possible to see the recipe by looking up uses for Blank Floppy. The FORTH Boot Disk can also sometimes be found as random loot in dungeons.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Blank Floppy

FORTH Boot Disk