Tools (Tinkers' Construct)

Tools refers to a collection of implements added by the Tinkers' Construct mod. Assembled from specific parts made from wide array of Materials, each imparting special properties to the Tool such as speed, durability and strength. Some are similar in function to the Vanilla Minecraft Tools, yet with inherent distinctions. A Tool does not disappear when it breaks, instead it can be fixed with less materials than it would take to build a new one. It can be enchanted simply by adding special materials to it once crafted.

Basic Tool[edit]

A basic tool can be built in a Tool Station or a Tool Forge. More information on the parts listed can be found on the Blank Pattern page.

  • Pickaxe Pickaxe  • Assembled from a Pickaxe Head, Tool Binding and Tool Rod.
  • Shovel Shovel  • Assembled from a Shovel Head and Tool Rod.
  • Hatchet Hatchet  • Assembled from an Axe Head and Tool Rod.
  • Mattock Mattock  • Assembled from an Axe Head, Shovel Head and Tool Rod. A combination of an Axe, Shovel and a Hoe.
  • Chisel Chisel  • Assembled from a Chisel Head and Tool Rod. Carves a stone brick into another decorative design.
  • Frying Pan Frying Pan  • Assembled from a Pan and Tool Rod. Can also be used as a cooking Tool.

Advanced Tool[edit]

An advanced tool is built in a Tool Forge, and can be fixed or upgraded in a Tool Station.

  • Hammer Hammer  • Assembled from a Hammer Head, 2 Large plates, and Tough Tool Rod. Deals extra damage to the undead.
  • Scythe Scythe  • Assembled from a Scythe Head, Tough Binding, and 2 Tough Tool Rods. Reaps a 3x3 section of crops and attacks enemies within the area.
  • Excavator Excavator  • Assembled from a Broad Shovel Head, Large Plate, Tough Binding, and Tough Tool Rod. It can dig a 3x3 hole in one swoop.
  • Lumber Axe Lumber Axe  • Assembled from a Broad Axe Head, Large Plate, Tough Binding, and Tough Tool Rod. It can harvest the wood of an entire tree up to a height of 30 blocks.

Attack Damage[edit]

The attack damage modifier of a tool's blade is added to the modifier of the tool. So for example, a Wooden Blade has 0 damage modifier, so a Scythe with a Wooden Blade would cut with 1.5 damage; a Excavator with a Manyullyn blade would dig with 4 damage. Damage can be further improved through modifiers.

A Tool damage modifier sortable list:

Tool Damage
Chisel Chisel 0
Lumber Axe Lumber Axe 0
Pickaxe Pickaxe +0.5
Excavator Excavator +1
Shovel Shovel +1
Frying Pan Frying Pan +1
Scythe Scythe +1.5
Hammer Hammer +1.5
Mattock Mattock +2

Durability and Speed [1][edit]

When constructing Tools, each one has different formulas for calculating the total durability and speed.

  • Pickaxe, Shovel: [2]
    • \color {White}{\text{Durability}}={\text{Head }}_{{\text{dur}}}\times {\text{Handle }}_{{\text{mod}}}
  • Mattock:
    • \color {White}{\text{Durability}}=({\text{Axe Head }}_{{\text{dur}}}+{\text{Shovel Head }}_{{\text{dur}}})\times 0.75\times {\text{Handle }}_{{\text{mod}}}
    • \color {White}{\text{Speed}}={\text{Axe Head }}_{{\text{spd}}}
  • Hammer:
    • \color {White}{\text{Durability}}=\lfloor {\frac  {{\text{Plate }}_{{\text{dur}}}+{\text{Head }}_{{\text{dur}}}+{\text{Plate }}_{{\text{dur}}}}{3}}\rfloor \times 9\times {\text{Handle }}_{{\text{mod}}}
    • \color {White}{\text{Speed}}={\frac  {{\text{Plate }}_{{\text{spd}}}+{\text{Head }}_{{\text{spd}}}+{\text{Plate }}_{{\text{spd}}}}{7.5}}
  • Excavator, Lumber Axe:
    • \color {White}{\text{Durability}}=(({\text{Plate }}_{{\text{dur}}}+{\text{Head }}_{{\text{dur}}})\times ({\text{Binding }}_{{\text{mod}}}+{\text{Handle }}_{{\text{mod}}}))\times 1.5
    • \color {White}{\text{Speed}}={\frac  {{\text{Plate }}_{{\text{spd}}}+{\text{Head }}_{{\text{spd}}}}{5}}

Stonebound Formula[edit]

The Stonebound trait increases mining speed (and simultaneously decreases attack damage) while the tool wears out. This bonus is added to the base mining speed and increases with the absolute amount of damage the tool has taken, meaning tools with higher durability (and identical stonebound modifier) can yield higher stonebound bonuses. The charge of charged tools (Flux modifier) is irrelevant to the stonebound calculation, only the difference between maximum and current durability is inspected. The exact formulas are as follows:

  • Area of effect tools (Hammer, Excavator, Lumber Axe):
    • \color {White}{\text{SpeedBonus}}={\text{ln}}\left({\frac  {{\text{DamageTaken}}}{216}}+1\right)\times 2\times {\text{SB}}_{{{\text{mod}}}}
  • Precision tools (Pickaxe, Shovel, ...):
    • \color {White}{\text{SpeedBonus}}={\text{ln}}\left({\frac  {{\text{DamageTaken}}}{72}}+1\right)\times 2\times {\text{SB}}_{{{\text{mod}}}}


  • \color {White}{\text{ln}} is the natural logarithm.
  • \color {White}{\text{SB}}_{{{\text{mod}}}} is the Stonebound modifier of a tool. It is calculated as the average of the Stonebound modifiers of the parts.
E.g. for a Pickaxe with Stone Head, wooden Binding and wooden Rod, the stonebound modifier would be:
\color {White}{\text{SB}}_{{{\text{mod}}}}={\frac  {{\text{SB}}_{{{\text{Stone}}}}+{\text{SB}}_{{{\text{Wood}}}}+{\text{SB}}_{{{\text{Wood}}}}}{3}}={\frac  {1.0+0.0+0.0}{3}}={\frac  {1}{3}}\approx 0.33

Optimization Example[edit]

The choice of materials used in a Tool's construction will vary greatly based on the intended use. Each player will experiment to find the right combination to suit the purpose at hand. Here are a few examples:

  • Durability [3]
    • Pickaxe Head: Slime, Manyullyn or Obsidian  • Tool Binding: Obsidian (Reinforced III) or Paper  • Handle: Manyullyn or Paper
  • Mining Speed
    • Pickaxe Head: Cobalt  • Tool Binding: Any, considering modifiers: Paper or Thaumium  • Handle: Ardite (Stonebound), Paper or Thaumium
  • Mining Level
    • Pickaxe Head: Manyullyn  • Tool Binding: Any  • Handle: Any


  1. Terminology: \color {White}{\text{spd: }}{\text{Speed}}  • \color {White}{\text{dur: }}{\text{Durability}}  • \color {White}{\text{mod: }}{\text{Modifier}}  • \color {White}\lfloor x\rfloor :{\text{Floor of }}x
  2. Example: Stone Head (131), Stone Handle (x0.5), Any type of Binding. 131 × 0.5 = 65.5 ≈ 65
  3. To make it unbreakable use 2 additional modifier slots with an additional paper piece, gold block/ diamond, diamond block/ enchanted apple or nether star with 7 obsidian plates.