Seared Stone (Fluid)

Seared Stone
Seared Stone

Seared Stone

Name Seared Stone
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct
ID Name
Type Fluid
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 0.0
Hardness 0.0
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Grid Bucket.png

Seared Stone is a fluid from the Tinkers' Construct mod. It is a liquid form of the Seared Stone. A Smeltery is most commonly used to create this liquid from various items. The Smeltery itself is constructed from Seared Bricks, a processed form of Seared Stone, which can be made without the Smeltery as well, by smelting Grout in a Furnace to obtain Seared Brick items.


GUI Smeltery.png
800 C
Seared Stone (Fluid)

Smeltery Recipes[edit]

Input Temperature Output
Chiseled Seared Bricks Chiseled Seared Bricks 600 144
Cobblestone Cobblestone 800 18
Compressed Cobblestone (Extra Utilities) Compressed Cobblestone (Extra Utilities) 800 162
Cracked Seared Bricks Cracked Seared Bricks 600 144
Double Compressed Cobblestone Double Compressed Cobblestone 800 1,458
Fancy Seared Bricks Fancy Seared Bricks 600 144
Grout Grout 600 36
Quadruple Compressed Cobblestone Quadruple Compressed Cobblestone 800 118,098
Seared Brick Seared Brick 800 144
Seared Bricks Seared Bricks 600 144
Seared Cobblestone Seared Cobblestone 600 144
Seared Paver Seared Paver 600 144
Seared Road Seared Road 600 144
Seared Stone Seared Stone 600 144
Stone Stone 800 24
Stone Axe Head Stone Axe Head 801 8
Stone Binding Stone Binding 801 4
Stone Broad Axe Head Stone Broad Axe Head 801 64
Stone Chisel Head Stone Chisel Head 801 4
Stone Crossbar Stone Crossbar 801 4
Stone Excavator Head Stone Excavator Head 801 64
Stone Full Guard Stone Full Guard 801 24
Stone Hammer Head Stone Hammer Head 801 64
Stone Hand Guard Stone Hand Guard 801 4
Stone Knife Blade Stone Knife Blade 801 4
Stone Large Plate Stone Large Plate 801 64
Stone Large Sword Blade Stone Large Sword Blade 801 64
Stone Pan Stone Pan 801 8
Stone Pickaxe Head Stone Pickaxe Head 801 8
Stone Scythe Head Stone Scythe Head 801 64
Stone Shard Stone Shard 800 4
Stone Shovel Head Stone Shovel Head 801 8
Stone Wide Board Stone Wide Board 801 8
Stone Sword Blade Stone Sword Blade 801 8
Stone Tool Rod Stone Tool Rod 801 4
Stone Tough Binding Stone Tough Binding 801 24
Stone Tough Rod Stone Tough Rod 801 24
Stone Wide Guard Stone Wide Guard 801 4
Triple Compressed Cobblestone Triple Compressed Cobblestone 800 13,122


Seared Stone (Fluid) can be used to create the following items: