King Slime

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King Slime
Name King Slime
Hostility Aggressive
Drops Gelatinous Slime
Rare Drops Miniature Red Heart
Source Mod Tinkers' Construct

The King Slime is a boss monster added by Tinkers' Construct. It is a massively larger version of the Blue Slime. It can spawn randomly in the overworld, the first indication of which is usually the boss health bar.

While not having any additional abilities, the King Slime is very hard to kill and will do substantial damage should he make contact. His large size makes it difficult to rely on knockback to keep it away. Attacking with a Bow or other ranged weapon is recommended.

Besides being one of the few overworld bosses, the King Slime has a higher chance to drop a Miniature Red Heart or a Miniature Yellow Heart which are key components of the Red Heart Canister and the Yellow Heart Canister which are used to increase the player's max health.

It can drop a Blue Slime excavator which has 2500 durability. Additional tools it may drop include Blue Slime chisel and Blue Slime cleaver. On death many (10-15) small blue slimes spawn and may be killed for blue slimeballs.

It has a chance to spawn on slime islands, sometimes along with blue slimes and vanilla Minecraft slimes.