Heatscar Spider

Heatscar Spider
Name Heatscar Spider
Health 50 (Heart.png x 25)
Hostility Yes
Spawn Nether
Drops Flamestring
Breeding No
Source Mod Natura

The Heatscar Spider is a mob added by Natura that appears in the Nether. It can climb walls and jump like normal spiders, and comes in 2 varieties. The larger has much more health (50) and the smaller is weaker with roughly the same amount of health as a standard Spider. It has a chance to set the target on fire when it inflicts damage, and a chance to drop Flamestring, a component in Natura bows like the Bloodwood Bow. Heatscar Spiders do not drop regular String or Spider Eyes, meaning their benefits beyond using Flamestring to create Nether-bows is far more limited than Overworld Spiders.

Heatscar Spiders spawn at any depth in the Nether, however they need a larger area to spawn in. Like Overworld Spiders, Heatscar Spiders are able to spawn as Skeleton Jockeys with Wither Skeletons in place of a normal Skeleton. Fortunately these are quite rare, however they are able to spawn anywhere in the nether, unlike normal Wither Skeletons which only spawn in a Nether Fortress.

Heatscar Spiders are able to see players through walls like normal spiders and cave spiders, and at the same distance away. Hostile Heatscar Spiders will move into range and attempt tobpounce on a target, however here is where they differ. The larger Heatscar Spiders tend to 'bounce' towards their target instead of crawling, meaning they can catch up to players rapidly. Like most mobs, ranged weapons are the easiest way to dispatch them, but their habit of hopping makes Heatscar Spiders difficult to hit. However, due to their 2x2 hitbox, building several towers 1 block away from each other allows a player to hit them while they cannot retaliate. This makes taking numerous Heatscar Spiders down at once very easy.