Nitro Creeper

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Nitro Creeper
Name Nitro Creeper
Spawn Nether
Source Mod Natura

The Nitro Creeper is a mob added by the Natura Mod. It spawns in the Nether and explodes near the player similarly to the overworld Creeper. The Nitro Creeper seems to have a far lower blast damage compared to its Overworld brother, sometimes dealing low enough block damage as to not even destroy the Netherrack it is standing on.

Like Overworld Creepers, Nitro Creepers drop up to 3 Gunpowder and may drop a Minium Shard.

They have greater speed than normal creepers and explode roughly 2-3 times faster. Generally this means that a Nitro Creeper will explode before you have time to react. Be extra careful when navigating the Nether, as they may jump off cliffs on to you, and blend into the Netherrack with their red skin.