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Name Imp
Hostility Passive
Spawn Nether
Drops Raw Imphide, Imp Leather
Breeding Glowshroom Stew
Source Mod Natura

The Imp is a passive Nether mob added by Natura. It is approximately 1 block tall and 1 block wide, like a chicken, however visually it occupies much of the block, and is brownish-orange in color. Occasionally, they make pig sounds. When killed, they drop Raw Imphide, and Imp Leather.

Imps are passive, so they will never attack, and will usually flee if approached. As with other nether mobs, they are immune to fire and lava (although it may affect whether they drop Raw or Cooked Imphide). They can be bred with Glowshroom Stew, made by collecting each type of Glowshroom and combining them with a bowl in a crafting grid.