Bedrock Dimension

Bedrock Dimension is a dimension added by KAMI module of Thaumic Tinkerer 2 mod. To get to this dimension, touch Bedrock Portal. It mainly consists of Bedrock and can look useless at first.

However, Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe can break Bedrock, so you can easily mine in there. This dimension is specially designed for endgame extremely profitable mining with Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe in hand. No quarry can work here, unless you do a lot of work to set it up properly.


Bedrock Dimension from the top.

This dimension is filled with Bedrock from levels 1 to 256, without any caves, ravines, openings and so on. The player will even spawn in this world inside a block of Bedrock. However, Bedrock Portal will be generated above the player's head, so if the player entered the dimension without Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe, the player can still get out by simply jumping once. There could be a problem that the block the player has appeared in will be not visible, and the player will be lagging in it. To fix this problem, simply relog.

Mining Strategy[edit]

Ore veins in Bedrock Dimension

To mine in this dimension, you need Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe. Fortune III is recommended on the pickaxe. You can also go with Silk Touch, but this is more time consuming as you will only collect ores in this dimension and nothing else. So better to Fortune them at first than first to mine with Silk Touch and then to Fortune them. It is also highly recommended to equip something that can fly, preferrably Robes of the Stratosphere or Angel Ring. Also equip a lot of backpacks, pouches and so on because you will fill your inventory with less than 1 vein. The strategy below is not a must, but it turns out to be most profitable and most of the players tend to use it.

  1. Set the pickaxe to Square Mode.
  2. Mine your way to the top to see the sky. This will help you if you get lost.
  3. Mark the starting area. You can create Bedrock Portal anywhere to get out, but this will bring chaos to your mining area.
  4. Go to y=251. Break the Bedrock at your head level (252). There should be opening to the sky above.
  5. Place any junk block that can be mined by the pickaxe next to the pickaxe. (reason in Known Bugs section below).
  6. Mine forward in Square Mode. Sometimes due to bug (see below) Bedrock will be broken as if you have used Block Mode. Place junk block there and mine it with the pickaxe again. To minimize the chance of bug happening, click once per each Bedrock layer mined. Do not hold the left mouse button. And mine Bedrock at the distance 1-3 blocks from you. There is no Lava and no hazards at all, so do not worry.
  7. When the ore vein is found, the first thing to do is to locate it properly. It is vertical and will occupy only 5x5 area but go from top to bottom. After several veins mined you will know where from to start exactly. Stand on the center block of 5x5 area of the vein and mine directly down. If you see ore block left in the wall, correct your position by moving 1 block to that direction. Dig straight down, but be careful not to fall in the void as you mine the lowest bedrock.
  8. When you mine the whole ore vein, fly up to the top and continue.

Ore Quantities[edit]

As the ore vein goes from top to bottom, after collecting it all with Fortune III you will get:

Setting a Quarry[edit]

As the Quarry from BuildCraft tries to mine any block, it will not work here as it cannot mine Bedrock. So the following part is about setting Ender Quarry.

  1. Mine small area close to the top in one chunk.
  2. Set up the Quarry there. If you don't lack energy, place fortune III upgrade, otherwise place Silk Touch. With Silk will need a small setup with an Autonomous Activator with some Fortune III pickaxe with infinite durability to fortune mined ores.
  3. Add as many speed upgrades as you can afford. It may take lots of time to find an ore vein without. Be careful about energy consumption though.
  4. By using Line Mode on Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe mine lines to place Ender Markers so they are visible from above.
  5. Turn the Quarry on.

Known Bugs[edit]

  1. All builds for version 1.7.10 have this problem: when mining Bedrock fast with Square Mode on Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe sometimes only 1 block of bedrock will be destroyed instead of 25.