Mob Summoning

Mob Summoning is a process of auto-spawning vanilla mobs and mobs from Thaumcraft 4 (except bosses).


For the process you need the following:


  1. Place Tablet of Necromancy.
  2. Place 3 Arcane Pedestals next to the tablet.
  3. Place 3 Soul Aspects or 3 Infused Soul Aspects on the pedestals.
  4. If Soul Aspects were used, they will be consumed after some time (usually 5-10 seconds). Infused Soul Aspects will not be consumed.
  5. After some time a mob will spawn on the tablet.
  6. To specify the mob spawned on the tablet, first find this mob and kill it with Cursed Spirit's Blade in Essentia Harvesting mode. 3 Soul Aspects will drop. Use these 3 in combination to summon this mob. You can use the soul aspects gained from killing other mobs, as long as they represent the same aspect.

Combinations for summoning[edit]

Peaceful Mobs

Creature Soul Aspect Soul Aspect Soul Aspect
Bat Aer (Air) Aer (Air) Volatus (Flight)
Chicken Bestia (Beast) Messis (Crop) Volatus (Flight)
Cow Bestia (Beast) Bestia (Beast) Terra (Earth)
Horse Bestia (Beast) Bestia (Beast) Iter (Travel)
Iron Golem Humanus (Man) Metallum (Metal) Metallum (Metal)
Mooshroom Bestia (Beast) Messis (Crop) Terra (Earth)
Ocelot Alienis (Strange/Alien) Bestia (Beast) Terra (Earth)
Pig Bestia (Beast) Iter (Travel) Terra (Earth)
Sheep Bestia (Beast) Pannus (Cloth) Terra (Earth)
Squid Aqua (Water) Aqua (Water) Aqua (Water)
Snowman Aqua (Water) Aqua (Water) Humanus (Man)
Villager Humanus (Man) Humanus (Man) Humanus (Man)
Wolf Bestia (Beast) Bestia (Beast) Bestia (Beast)

Hostile Mobs

Creature Soul Aspect Soul Aspect Soul Aspect
Angry Zombie Corpus (Flesh) Exanimis (Undead) Praecantatio (Magic)
Blaze Ignis (Fire) Ignis (Fire) Ignis (Fire)
Cave Spider Bestia (Beast) Venenum (Poison) Venenum (Poison)
Creeper Alienis (Strange/Alien) Bestia (Beast) Praecantatio (Magic)
Enderman Alienis (Strange/Alien) Alienis (Strange/Alien) Humanus (Man)
Firebat Ignis (Fire) Praecantatio (Magic) Volatus (Flight)
Ghast Ignis (Fire) Volatus (Flight) Volatus (Flight)
Lava Slime Ignis (Fire) Limus (Slime) Limus (Slime)
Silverfish Metallum (Metal) Metallum (Metal) Terra (Earth)
Skeleton Exanimis (Undead) Exanimis (Undead) Humanus (Man)
Slime Bestia (Beast) Limus (Slime) Limus (Slime)
Spider Bestia (Beast) Exanimis (Undead) Exanimis (Undead)
Wisp Aer (Air) Praecantatio (Magic) Praecantatio (Magic)
Witch Alienis (Strange/Alien) Exanimis (Undead) Praecantatio (Magic)
Zombie Corpus (Flesh) Corpus (Flesh) Exanimis (Undead)
Zombie Pigman Corpus (Flesh) Exanimis (Undead) Ignis (Fire)