Mob Summoning

Mob Summoning is a process of auto-spawning vanilla mobs and mobs from Thaumcraft 4 (except bosses).


For the process you need the following:


  1. Place Tablet of Necromancy.
  2. Place 3 Arcane Pedestals next to the tablet.
  3. Place 3 Soul Aspects or 3 Infused Soul Aspects on the pedestals.
  4. If Soul Aspects were used, they will be consumed after some time (usually 5-10 seconds). Infused Soul Aspects will not be consumed.
  5. After some time a mob will spawn on the tablet.
  6. To specify the mob spawned on the tablet, first find this mob and kill it with Cursed Spirit's Blade in Essentia Harvesting mode. 3 Soul Aspects will drop. Use these 3 in combination to summon this mob. You can use the soul aspects gained from killing other mobs, as long as they represent the same aspect.