Osmotic Enchanting

Osmotic Enchanting is a process of enchanting tools, weapons and armor with the specified enchantments which is easier to run than Infusion for Infusion Enchantment. All vanilla enchantments, enchantments from Thaumcraft 4, Thaumic Tinkerer 2, Thaumic Exploration and Forbidden Magic can be applied using this process.


For the process you need the following:


  1. Place Osmotic Enchanter.
  2. In the area of 5x5x1 around the enchanter place 6 Obsidian Totems.
  3. Place 1 extra block of Obsidian Totem on each of the previously placed Obsidian Totem blocks.
  4. You can place up to 3 more blocks of Obsidian Totem on existing columns for aestethic purposes.
  5. Place 1 Nitor on the top of each column of Obsidian Totems.
  6. Place the wand in wand slot in the enchanter.
  7. Place the item in the item slot.
  8. Choose the first enchantment you want to apply to the item from the list.
  9. The list will only show the enchantments compatible with the chosen one. You can choose more enchantments from the list. The icon of enchantment will appear on the right.
  10. To remove the unwanted enchantment, left-click on the icon on the right.
  11. Select a level for each enchantment you want to apply.
  12. The vis meter will show what aspects you need and how much of each aspect you need. There is no discount in applying several enchantments at once. The cost of the following enchantment will be added to the existing cost.
  13. Note that you will not be able to enchant this item again once it is already enchanted. You can use Anvil to mix it with other enchanted item though.
  14. When everything is correct, press Start button. The process will start. You can only stop it by removing the item or by breaking the Osmotic Enchanter. Clicking on the button again will result in nothing.
  15. As the enchanting goes, runed particles will fly from each Nitor towards the enchanter. Also the special sound will play.
  16. For the enchantments chosen to be applied, the vis meters in the Osmotic Enchanter GUI must be all filled with vis. You can change the wands during the process, this will not affect it other than the process will be able to take the vis from the new wand if the previous one is empty.
  17. When the vis meters are filled, the sound of successful Infusion will play and the item will be enchanted.