Soul Aspect (Thaumic Tinkerer 2)

Soul Aspect
Soul Aspect

Soul Aspect

Name Soul Aspect
Source Mod Thaumic Tinkerer 2
ID Name
First Appearance 1.6.4
Type Item
Stackable Yes (16)

Soul Aspect is an item added by the Thaumic Tinkerer 2 mod. It drops by the mobs slain by Cursed Spirit's Blade. It only serves as a crafting ingredient.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Mob Summoning
[TT] Almost necromancy

Research aspects in this item[edit]

8 of the aspect stated in the description

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"You are able to use the souls gained from a Cursed spirits blade in order to summon mobs. Place three pedestals around a Tablet of Necromancy. On the pedestals, place three soul aspects. Different types of soul aspects give different types of mobs. Every mob has a different composition.

By creating Infused Soul Aspects, you are able to summon mobs without consuming Soul Aspects. Summoning using Infused Soul Aspects is much slower than normal."


Soul Aspect (Thaumic Tinkerer 2) can be used to create the following items: