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Feed The Beast Monster is one of the primary Feed The Beast modpacks for Minecraft 1.6.4. As of version 1.1.0, the pack is no longer in beta.

It replaces the Feed The Beast Unleashed pack as a 1.6.4 version fitted with all new community favored mods, such as Project Red and Blood Magic. Previous modpacks contained mods which weren't included in the Feed The Beast Monster Pack, either due to mods colliding, not being updated, or other such reasons. It currently also holds the record of being the overall largest Feed The Beast modpack, with over 200 mods included.

Mod List

Version 1.1.2 of the Monster Pack includes the following mods by default:

Mod Author Version
Additional BuildCraft Objects Flow86
Advanced Genetics ObsiLP 1.4.3
Agriculture Team Metallurgy 1.2.15
Alternate Terrain Generation TTFTCUTS 0.9.4
Another One Bites the Dust ganymedes01 1.4.0
Applied Energistics AlgorithmX2 rv14.finale3
Aroma1997core Aroma1997
ArmorStatusHUD bspkrs 1.1.5
Backpacks Eydamos 1.28.37
BD Lib bdew
BetterStorage copygirl
BiblioCraft Nuchaz 1.5.5
BiblioWoods BoP Nuchaz 1.3
BiblioWoods Forestry Nuchaz 1.3
BiblioWoods Natura Nuchaz 1.2
Big Reactors Erogenous Beef 0.3.3A
Biomes O' Plenty (disabled by default) TDWP_FTW
Blood Magic (disabled by default) WayofTime 1.0.1e
bspkrsCore bspkrs 5.2
BuildCraft CovertJaguar 4.2.2
Calclavia Core Calclavia
ChickenChunks ChickenBones
Chisel AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN 1.5.0fix
CodeChickenCore chicken_bones
CoFH Core Team CoFH
CompactSolars cpw
Compact Windmills Aroma1997
ComputerCraft dan200 1.63
CraftHeraldry Vazkii 1.0.3
Damage Indicators rich1051414
denlib denoflions 3.2.6
denPipes denoflions 2.1.18
denPipes - Emerald denoflions 1.1.6
denPipes - Forestry denoflions 1.1.8
DragonAPI Reika 23b
Dye Trees (disabled by default) Reika 23
Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 Reika 0.0.8a
Electricraft Reika 23b
Emasher's Resource Emasher
EnderStorage chicken_bones
EnderIO CrazyPants
Endernet (disabled by default) asiekierka latest
Engineer's Toolbox Emasher
Enhanced Portals 3 Alz454 3.0.0.b5c
EVOC Lord Evoc 1.0.0a
Expanded Redstone Reika 23
Extra Bees Binnie 1.8.0
Extra Cells Leonelf 1.6.9b
Extra Trees Binnie 1.8.0
Extra Utilities RWTema 1.0.3c
Factorization neptunepink 0.8.34
Flat Signs Myrathi
Forestry SirSengir
ForgeMultipart ChickenBones
GasCraft Emasher
Gate Copy denoflions 3.1.4
Gendustry bdew
GeoStrata Reika 23b
Highlands sdj64 2.1.7a
Hopper Ducts FyberOptic 1.2.2
iChunUtil iChun 2.4.0
IndustrialCraft2 Experimental Alblaka 2.0.397
Inventory Tweaks jimeowan 1.5.6-b77
Iron Chests cpw
JABBA ProfMobius 1.1.3
JourneyMap (disabled by default) techbrew 3.3.2
Logistics Pipes theZorro266 0.7.4.dev.217
Lycanites Mobs (disabled by default) Lycanite 1.5.1c
Magic Bees MysteriousAges 2.1.12
Magical Crops Mark719 3.2.0beta15a
Mariculture joshie 1.2.1e
MeteorCraft (disabled by default) Reika 19b
MFFS Calclavia Calclavia
Mimicry sparroha
MineFactory Reloaded PowerCrystals, skyboy 2.7.8-482
MineTweaker StanHebben 2.3.1
MobiusCore ProfMobius 1.2.1
Modular Powersuits MachineMuse 0.9.0-84
Morpheus quetzi 1.2.32
Mystcraft XCompWiz
Natura mDiyo 2.1.14
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Plugins mistaqur
Nether Ores PowerCrystals 2.2.2-55
Not Enough Items chicken_bones
Not Enough Keys Mr. okushama 0.0.4
Nuclear Control Shedar 1.6.2e
Numina MachineMuse 0.1.1-53
Obsidian Pressure Plates Myrathi
OpenBlocks Mikeemoo 1.2.8
OpenModsLib OpenMods Team, Mikee 0.5
OpenPeripheral Addons Mikeemoo 0.1.4
OpenPeripheral Core Mikeemoo 0.4.0
Opis (disabled by default) ProfMobius 1.2.2
Portal Gun (Mod) iChun 2.0.2
Power Converters 2.4.0.pre3
PowerCrystalsCore PowerCrystals 1.1.8-10
Project Red MR_TJP
qCraft dan200 1.1
QuarryPlus yogpstop 1.0.3
Railcraft CovertJaguar
Random Things hmaster1332 1.9
ReactorCraft Reika 23b
Redstone Arsenal Team CoFH
Rei's Minimap (disabled by default) ReiFNSK 3.4.01
Reliquary TheMike 1.1.2b
RemoteIO dmillerw 1.11
Revamp Rivvest 1.2.2
Roguelike Dungeon Mod Greymerk 1.3.2
RotaryCraft Reika 23b
Sort Fix LexManos 1.0
Special Mobs (disabled by default) FatherToast 2.6
StatusEffectHUD bspkrs 1.19
Steve's Carts Vswe 2.0.0.b10
Switches Myrathi
Sync iChun 2.1.1
Thaumcraft 4 Azanor 4.1.0g
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects iguana_man 1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer Vazkii, pixlepix 2.3-140
Thermal Expansion Team CoFH
Tinkers' Construct mDiyo 1.5.3
Tinkers' Mechworks SlimeKnights 0.1.6
Torch Levers HitchH1k3r 1.3.2
Twilight Forest Benimatic 1.20.5
Universal Electricity Core Calclavia
Waila ProfMobius 1.5.2a
WRCBE chicken_bones
Zan's Minimap (disabled by default) Zaneris 1.6.4