MineFactory Reloaded

MineFactory Reloaded
Author(s) PowerCrystals
Version 1.4.6R2.2.0
Website Minecraft Forum Thread
Mod Pack(s)

Ultimate Pack Unleashed Pack Unhinged Pack Monster Pack Direwolf20 Pack

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MineFactory Reloaded is a mod created by PowerCrystals that adds numerous machines into the game as well as some new items, a new type of Rubber Tree, and the Precision Sledgehammer (a new type of tool for manipulating blocks similar to the Wrench and other miscellaneous things). All machines in this mod can be powered by MJ or EU up to 128 EU/p (MV). The conversion rate appears to be 2.5 EU = 1 MJ.

When looking at the interface for machines in this mod, there are three bars to the right. The first one, with the red lightning bolt, shows excess power contained in the machine. Maxing this out won't damage the machine. The second bar, with the green up arrow, shows the progress towards the machine's work. The third bar, with the blue ZZ symbol, is a sleep timer. If the machine is powered, but has nothing to do, it will sleep for a while to conserve server resources.