Magical Crops

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Magical Crops

Magical Crops



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"Ever get bored of mining for resources all the time? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources with all of the mod compatibility you could want! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience! It even has seeds to get all of your mob drops!! Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs!"

Magical Crops is a mod that adds several different crops, block and items to minecraft. The crops can be used for food or for growing special essence that can be turned into items and precious metals.

The terrain generation in Magical Crops is Essence Ore, which after being mined drops Essence Dust. Essence Dust can also be farmed by planting Essence Seeds and waiting until the plant is mature.

Most food seeds can be found the same way vanilla seeds can be found, by breaking tall grass and shrubs.

Fruit and Veg[edit]

Each crop is grown from its respective seed and drops 1-2 seeds along with one of the food item. They all restore 1.5 hunger. All of them can also be crafted into juice by combining them with a glass bottle and a squeezer. They will restore 3 hunger.


When surrounding a nature essence with 8 of any of these crops you will get 4 magical food. This will restore 3 hunger as well as give you the potion effect Health Regeneration III for 2 seconds which will restore 5 hit points.

Magical Crops[edit]

To get started with magical crops you will need some essence dust. Using essence dust you can create an infusion stone which will be needed for crafting all magical seeds.

Both essence dust and the infusion stone have multiple tiers. Each tier infusion stone can be crafted by surrounding the lower tier stone with 8 magical essences of the highest tier that is available to you before crafting the higher tier infusion stone. Each higher tier of essence can be crafted by a high enough tier infusion stone, surrounded by 4 of the lower tier essence. Only the master infusion stone is capable of crafting all tiers of essence, the others will only craft one type.

Magical seeds are planted to grow the relevant Magical Crop. Harvesting the crop yields 1 Essence of the type of crop it came from and 1 Essence Seed. There is also a random chance for the crop to drop a second seed. When a player harvests a crop there is also a chance of getting a Weak Essence or a Nature Essence.

Each type of Essence Dust be crafted at a crafting bench into its corresponding item. For instance, 8 Coal Essence in a circle will yield 12 coal. Some main essences will also be able to dye certain items like glowstone by combining them in a crafting bench. Some essences like nether essence and dye essence will create a large spectrum of items. A dye essence for example will create every single dye except for lapis lazuli.

A seed is crafted by 1 essence seed, 4 Essence (which can vary from Essence Dust to Extreme Essence) and 4 of the relevant item.

The available Esssence Crops are: Coal Crop, Dye Crop, Redstone Crop, Glowstone Crop, Diamond Crop, Emerald Crop, Blaze Crop, Ender Crop, Gold Crop, Iron Crop, Lapis Lazuli Crop, Nether Crop, Obsidian Crop, Experience Crop. The following crops will only be available if you have other mods installed: Tin Crop, Silver Crop, Lead Crop, Certus Quartz Crop, Sapphire Crop, Ruby Crop, Peridot Crop, Aluminium Crop, Rubber Crops, Sulfur Crops, Iridium Crops, Manganese Crops, Ardite Crop(Tinkers' Construct), Ferrous Crop(Thermal Expansion), Cobalt Crops(Tinkers' Construct), Infused Shard Crop(Thaumcraft), Platinum Crops(Thermal Expansion), Uranium Crops(IC2), Oil Crops(IC2), Force Crops(Dartcraft), Dark Iron Crops(Factorization), Magnesium Crops(Mariculture), Osmium Crops(Mekanism), Blue Topaz Crops(Ars Magica 2), Chimerite Crops(Ars Magica 2), Moonstone Crops(Ars Magica 2), Sunstone Crops(Ars Magica 2) and Vintium Crops(Ars Magica 2)

It is impossible to use Bonemeal to speed up the growth of any crops from the magical crops mod, except for the food crops. You can however craft magic fertilizer, which will grow your crops instantly. A Sigil of the Green Grove from Blood Magic or Watering Can from Extra Utilities will speed up the growth as well.

All other crops are similar to magical crops.

Element Crops[edit]

Fire Crop: Uses Fire Seeds to grow Fire Essence.

Water Crop: Uses Water Seeds to grow Water Essence.

Air Crop: Uses Air Seeds to grow Air Essence.

Earth Crop: Uses Earth Seeds to grow Earth Essence.

Soul Crops[edit]

Cow Crop:
Creates Cow Essence (used in crafting to make: Leather, Raw Beef, and Bottles o' Enchanting)

Creeper Crop:
Creates Creeper Essence (used in crafting to make: Gunpowder, Creeper heads, Bottles o' Enchanting, and music discs)

Magma Crop:
Creates Magma essence (used in crafting to make: Magma Cream and Bottle o' Enchanting)

Skeleton Crop:
Creates Skeleton essence (used in crafting to make: Bones, Bows, Skeleton Heads, Bottles o' Enchanting, and music discs)

Slime Crop:
Creates slime essence (used in crafting to make: slimeballs and Bottles o' Enchanting)

Spider Crop:
Creates spider essence (used in crafting to make: string, spider eyes, and Bottles o' Enchanting)

Ghast Crop:
Creates ghast essence (used in crafting to make: Ghast Tears and Bottles o' Enchanting)

Wither Skeleton Crop:
Creates Wither Skeleton Essence (used in crafting to make: wither skeleton skulls and Bottles o' Enchanting)


Essence Sword: Lightbringer (places torch when shift-right-clicking), Infused, Unbreakable and deals 9 damage.
Essence Hoe: Infused, Unbreakable and can till a 3x3 area when shift clicking.
Essence Pickaxe: Infused, Unbreakable and cannot mine obsidian.
Essence Shovel: Infused, Unbreakable
Essence Hatchet: Infused, Unbreakable