There's just a little bit more to the world, without making it busy.
Author(s) mDiyo
Version 2.1.12
Minecraft Version 1.6.X
Forum Minecraft Forums
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Mod Type World Generation
Mod Pack(s)

FTB Unleashed

Properties File Natura.cfg
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Natura is a world generation mod for Overworld and the Nether and it is compatible with both ExtrabiomesXL and Biomes O' Plenty. It adds new plants (trees, berries, food) and some new blocks. The trees that mod adds stand out from vanilla trees with their own colored versions of wood and planks and their products (doors, slabs, fences, crafting benches, equipment). Natura also adds clouds that spawn in the sky of all three vanilla dimensions. It also makes a Nether a bit more dangerous with its own twist to enemy mobs. A player can use the added protection gear from the mod to counteract the danger.

Known Bugs[edit]

Solution would be placing down Ice blocks, created from UU-Matter or placing snowballs in a Compressor and flooding the top layer of the quarry' hole.