Inventory Tweaks

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Inventory Tweaks
Name Inventory Tweaks
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.56
Minecraft Version 1.6.2
Website Inventory Tweaks
Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Ampz Pack
Bevo's Tech Pack
Blast Off!
Blood N' Bones
Cloud 9 1.7 Pack
Crash Landing
Crundee Craft
Direwolf20 1.5 Pack
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack
Direwolf20 1.7 Pack
Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 3
Direwolf20 Config Pack Season 4
Direwolf20 Pack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Beta Pack A
Sorting with Inventory Tweaks.

Inventory Tweaks is a mod that allows the player to easily manage their inventory in both single player and multiplayer.


  • Automatically replaces tools as they break, and item stacks once emptied
  • Sorts inventory and chests in a single click/keystroke
  • Provides powerful shortcuts to move items
  • Customizable inventory sorting

You can sort your chests using three methods. You can sort them alphabetically and in columns or rows by type of object. Advanced sorting rules can be configured by clicking the ellipses button.

Tool/Block Replacement[edit]

If you break a tool, Inventory Tweaks will search your inventory for one of the same type, preferring the same crafting material. IE: If you break a wooden pick, and you have a second wooden pick and an iron pick, it will replace the broken one with the second wooden one.

Whenever you empty a hotbar slot by placing a block or by using/tossing an item, Inventory Tweaks will look for an item with the same ID as the depleted item. This disregards damage values, meaning it can give you the wrong colour of wooden planks, the wrong type of BuildCraft pipe, or even a completely different machine from RedPower.


  • Pressing 'K
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' with any inventory open will sort the players inventory. This can have unexpected side effects with NEI's recipe function. Unless the key has been manually changed.


If you encounter a bug, please contact the mod developer.