Nether Ores

Nether Ores
Name Nether Ores
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 1.4.6R2.06
Minecraft Version Unknown
Website Minecraft Forums
Root Mod PowerCrystals Core
Modpacks Agrarian Skies
Blood N' Bones
DNS Techpack
Feed The Beast 1.5.2 Beta Pack
Feed The Beast Infinity
Feed The Beast Monster
Feed The Beast Ultimate
Feed The Beast Unleashed
Feed The Beast Unstable
Resonant Rise
Test Pack Please Ignore
The MadPack

Nether Ores is a mod that adds various world generating ores to the Nether only. These ores need to be processed before they can be used in any way and they typically yield two times that of their respective ores. Mining these ores has a good chance of angering nearby Zombie Pigmen. Additionally, mining nether ore adjacent to another nether ore can cause them to explode, which can even cause a chain reaction. Using a Silk Touch pick prevents such explosions.


Nether Ores can add the following ores, depending on its configs. Some nether ores may be useless if enabled without any mod that adds the respective Overworld ore.

Nether Ore Conterpart
Grid Nether Coal Ore.png Nether Coal Ore Grid Coal Ore.png Coal Ore
Grid Nether Diamond Ore.png Nether Diamond Ore Grid Diamond Ore.png Diamond Ore
Grid Nether Emerald Ore.png Nether Emerald Ore Grid Emerald Ore.png Emerald Ore
Grid Nether Gold Ore.png Nether Gold Ore Grid Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Grid Nether Iron Ore.png Nether Iron Ore Grid Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Grid Nether Lapis Ore.png Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore Grid Lapis Lazuli Ore.png Lapis Lazuli Ore
Grid Nether Redstone Ore.png Nether Redstone Ore Grid Redstone Ore.png Redstone Ore
Grid Nether Copper Ore.png Nether Copper Ore Grid Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
Grid Nether Ferrous Ore.png Nether Ferrous Ore Grid Ferrous Ore.png Ferrous Ore
Grid Nether Green Sapphire Ore.png Nether Green Sapphire Ore Grid Green Sapphire Ore.png Green Sapphire Ore
Grid Nether Iridium Ore.png Nether Iridium Ore Grid Iridium Ore (GregTech).png Iridium Ore
Grid Nether Lead Ore.png Nether Lead Ore Grid Lead Ore.png Lead Ore
Grid Nether Nikolite Ore.png Nether Nikolite Ore Grid Nikolite Ore.png Nikolite Ore
Grid Nether Osmium Ore.png Nether Osmium Ore 16px Osmium Ore
Grid Nether Pig Iron Ore.png Nether Pig Iron Ore 16px Pig Iron Ore
Grid Nether Platinum Ore.png Nether Platinum Ore Grid Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore
Grid Nether Ruby Ore.png Nether Ruby Ore Grid Ruby Ore (RedPower 2).png Ruby Ore
Grid Nether Sapphire Ore.png Nether Sapphire Ore Grid Sapphire Ore (RedPower 2).png Sapphire Ore
Grid Nether Silver Ore.png Nether Silver Ore Grid Silver Ore.png Silver Ore
Grid Nether Tin Ore.png Nether Tin Ore Grid Tin Ore.png Tin Ore
Grid Nether Uranium Ore.png Nether Uranium Ore Grid Uranium Ore (Block).png Uranium Ore