Private Packs

The FTB Launcher has the ability to pull in Private Packs with a pack-specific code, which are then downloaded and available to the player. This is useful for official packs that are in a test phase, or for third party modpacks designed around a particular theme.

Known Private Packs[edit]

Name Version Code Notes
1.5.2 Beta Pack with GregTech 1.5.2 152wgt
1.5.2 Beta Pack without GregTech 1.5.2 152ngt
Direwolf20 1.5 Beta Pack 1.5.2 Iwanttorestartmyworld [1]
Divine Adventure 1.5.2 Minepg Not to be confused with the public RPG Immersion Pack.
Famcraft 1.6.4 famcraft
Feed The Beast Unhinged Beta 1.5.2 FTBUnhinged [1]
Feed The Beast Unleashed Beta 1.5.2 FTBUnleashed [1]
Futurecraft 1.6.4 FUTURECRAFT ModPack for youtubers
Hatpack 1.7.10 hatfilms
InfiTech 1.6.4 164infinity Highly customized modpack centered around GregTech
Stellarcraft 1.5.2 stellarcraft
Running Red 2 Vampire Money 1.7.10 vampire
Ultra Hard Survival 1.5.2 UHS
ProPack 1.7.2 MCPRO Bridges the difference between Vanilla Minecraft and Modded Minecraft
Impact Flux 1.7.10 Impactflux A quest based modpack for FTB
Etho's LP Pack 1.7.10 Etho A fanmade modpack with the same mods used by EthosLab
FirePack 1.7.10 firepack Fireball1725's subserver pack. FireBall1725Dev's Livestream. FirePack does not allow access to the subserver.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Warning: these packs share their internal name with a public version of the pack. Using these packs has equal consequences as downgrading to an older pack version - downloading them will corrupt the current version's mods and config files, opening existing worlds may destroy them and render them unplayable.