Private Packs

The FTB Launcher has the ability to pull in Private Packs with a pack-specific code, which are then downloaded and available to the player. This is useful for official packs that are in a test phase, or for third party modpacks designed around a particular theme.

Known Private Packs[edit]

Name Version Code Notes
1.5.2 Beta Pack with GregTech 1.5.2 152wgt
1.5.2 Beta Pack without GregTech 1.5.2 152ngt
Crash Landing 1.6.4 boom Also available as a public third-party pack.
Direwolf20 1.5 Beta Pack 1.5.2 Iwanttorestartmyworld [1]
Divine Adventure 1.5.2 Minepg Not to be confused with the public RPG Immersion Pack.
Famcraft 1.6.4 famcraft
Feed The Beast Unhinged Beta 1.5.2 FTBUnhinged [1]
Feed The Beast Unleashed Beta 1.5.2 FTBUnleashed [1]
Futurecraft 1.6.4 FUTURECRAFT ModPack for youtubers
Hatpack 1.6.4 hatfilms
InfiTech 1.6.4 164infinity Highly customized modpack centered around GregTech
Stellarcraft 1.5.2 stellarcraft
Test Pack Please Ignore 1.6.4 MegaSharkPunch r/feedthebeast Official Server Beta Pack (No Longer Private Pack Located in 3rd party packs
Ultra Hard Survival 1.5.2 UHS
ProPack 1.7.2 MCPRO Bridges the difference between Vanilla Minecraft and Modded Minecraft
Material Energy^3 1.7.10 ME3 A quest based modpack for FTB
Impact Flux 1.7.10 Impactflux A quest based modpack for FTB
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Warning: these packs share their internal name with a public version of the pack. Using these packs has equal consequences as downgrading to an older pack version - downloading them will corrupt the current version's mods and config files, opening existing worlds may destroy them and render them unplayable.