Ember Heart

Ember Heart
Ember Heart

Name Ember Heart
Source Mod Automagy 1
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

Ember Heart is an item added by the Automagy 1 mod. It is a crafting component for Nethermind. It is a guaranteed drop from Blaze Spawner in Nether. It gives the player 1 Temporary Warp when held in inventory.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Pulled from the ashes

Research aspects in this item[edit]


Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Upon closer examination, you've found that a crystalline brain reinforced with Ignis seems to constantly draw energy into itself (and burn through it just as quickly). Tracing the source of this energy pointed you to the Nether. If you found something compatible with this brain that had a strong tie to Netherfire, you could create a "Nethermind" that would pull across something more tangible, conjuring lava and nether-blocks out of essentia.

An Ember Heart, along with a few other choice reagents, should do the trick. Your studies indicate that they are tied in some way to the hellish creatures known as blazes and may even have something to do

with how they are created in the Nether.

Some manner of powering and controlling the Nethermind will, of course, be necessary. To this end, you have created runed obsidian. In addition to being used to encase the Nethermind itself, such runes must surround it in the indicated fashion.

There are different runes for different purposes. Any basic runed obsidian block shown in the diagram can be replaced by a more specialized rune. The more runes of a given type there are, the more of an impact that type will have (to a point). With only basic runes, the device will operate fairly slowly and will generate only netherrack and the occasional patch of lava.

Once the runes are arranged, tap the Nethermind block with your wand. You can tap it again to turn the device off, but it costs vis from your wand every time it is started.

To function, the Nethermind must be powered by Ignis vis supplied by a relay. It also needs warded jars nearby from which it can pull essentia. The type and quantity of essentia needed is determined by the runes at work. Basic runed obsidian requires only Ignis and Terra.

Blocks conjured from Netherstuff will appear in a 9x9x9 area two blocks below the structure.

Runed Obsidian (Rock):
Use this rune to increase the chance that netherrack will be generated. If at least four block-specifying runes like this are in place, then only the blocks they specify will be generated. The more runes tied to a given block, the more likely that block will be created. (So if four of a single type are used, then the chance is 100%.)

Another advantage of using this rune is that generating netherrack with it requires less essentia than doing so using basic runes. (Placing additional Rock runes does not further decrease the cost.)

Cost per conjuration: 1 Ignis, 2 Terra.

Runed Obsidian (Sea):
Use this rune to increase the chance that lava will be generated. As with other block-specifying runes, having at least four of them means only the specified blocks will be generated.

Cost per conjuration: 6 Ignis, 2 Terra."


Ember Heart can be used to create the following items: