Redstone Inversion Torch

Redstone Inversion Torch
Redstone Inversion Torch

Name Redstone Inversion Torch
Source Mod Automagy 1
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 0.0
Hardness 0.0
Solid No
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light Yes (7)
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool

Redstone Inversion Torch is a block added by the Automagy 1 mod. It will invert redstone signal, just like a normal Redstone Torch, but not from any to 0 and from 0 to 15, but from N to 15 - N.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Redstone Theory
Magic or technology?

Research aspects in this block[edit]


Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Redstone possesses many unusual characteristics. Its ability to transmit signals and form "circuits" has led many to believe it is a form of mundane technology. Indeed, redstone powder is the foundation upon which all sorts of technology relies. However, one who is versed in the arcane arts knows that redstone's unique properties are invaluable to all manner of magics, potions perhaps being the most well-known example.

For these reasons, redstone is often viewed as a natural bridge between magic and technology. And so it is, but the thaumaturge knows that it is much more: At the fundamental level, redstone is no mundane material at all. Even when functioning as part of an elaborate circuit or mechanical device, a more careful look reveals that its behavior can be described only as magical.

You aim to take full advantage of this wondrous substance. To this end, you have designed some simple devices to help you better incorporate "redstone logic" into your everyday thaumaturgy.

You are certain that further studies will yield greater and more diverse inventions. In fact, this may even be the basis of a whole new discipline of thaumaturgy, one focused on allowing a thaumaturge to automate tasks more intelligently. You think you'll call it Automagy.

Redstone Inversion Torch:
The redstone torch's ability to invert a redstone signal is very useful but you cannot help but notice that it inverts only in a binary manner. Even the weakest signal that reaches the block the torch is attached to will cause it to turn off, and when it is on, it is always at full strength. But what if you wanted a truly inverted signal? Not just from 15 to 0, but from 10 to 5, from 3 to 12, and so on?

Utilizing basic thaumaturgical principles, you have created a more orderly, less all-or-nothing redstone torch.

The redstone hourglass is a simple but versatile device allowing you to regulate the timings of redstone signal transmissions.

When activated (by right-click or redstone signal), the glass turns and sand starts to fall. A redstone pulse is emitted once the sand has settled. If the rear of a redstone comparator is next to the hourglass, it will output a signal which increases in strength as the sand falls.

The hourglass outputs to its left and right sides. It accepts activation signals from any other side.

Right-click the hourglass with your wand or a stick to adjust the timer's length. The timer is quite precise but unfortunately only allows adjustments in five-second increments and peaks out at 60 seconds, but you know this device is only the foundation upon which you will build better things."


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Redstone Torch
Sliver of Order

Redstone Inversion Torch


Redstone Inversion Torch has no known uses in crafting.