Promised Land

This page covers content or features that are no longer available in newer mod versions.

Information on this article does not apply to most recent versions of the respective mod, the described features have been deprecated or removed.

Promised Land.png

The Promised Land only appears in its separate dimension, with a new Amethyst Ore, Loftwood Trees, and more!

To get to the Promised Land, you must craft an Ancient Staff. When you use it, a portal will appear high up in the sky where you used the staff.


After using the staff, it will become depleted and the portal will appear. The promised land portal appears at around 155 height. It is a floating island made out of dirt, with a quartz structure in which the portal is created. If macerated, the quartz blocks will yield 1220 nether quartz crystals. The portal blocks cannot be mined but there is a certain bug (probably) that allows you to pick up the portal blocks by right clicking them with a Vajra.

The Promised Land dimension consists mainly of floating islands. It is full of shrubbery and huge oak trees. Sometimes, you can find Loftwood trees and Magic trees which have the uses of an Overworld tree. Birds and pixies spawn here, but nothing else does. There is no day/night cycle, just eternal day. The water is "purifying" water, and applies a regenerating effect if touched.

The only two ores found here are Amethyst and Celestial Crystals. Also notable are the clouds that float around the world.

To return to the Overworld, simply jump back into the portal or dive into the Void. Be careful though, as the second method spawns you in the Overworld at the height of 256.

You can't create Nether Portals in Promised Land.


While the Promised Land is not supposed to have monsters spawn, floating slime islands are generating in this dimension due to the Natura mod, which may be a gen bug.


As of Biomes o' Plenty version 717, the Promised Land is no longer in the game, furthermore many of the related blocks have been removed entirely.