Sacrificial Altar

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The Sacrificial Altar is a multiblock structure that is used to summon an Ender Dragon. It requires a villager sacrifice on the altar to start. More than one Ender Dragon can be summoned at once, but will require additional sacrificial altars, as the summon causes an explosion that destroys the altar. The dragon can be spawned in any dimension, but may have unexpected effects if spawned outside of The End. Keep in mind the dragon will destroy any block it flies through that isn't Obsidian or Bedrock so spawning it near something important is not a good idea. The altar requires 4 Altar Frames, one Sacrificial Focus, a Soul Manipulator, and 4 of each of the 6 gems. It also requires a 4 small bone segment and 4 medium bone segment these need to be placed on top of the Altar frames. the small first then the medium

It will also require 3 Wither Skulls for the Ghastly Souls to be used in the focus and the soul manipulator. The Sacrificial Focus requires Celestial Crystal, which means the player will have to venture into the Promised Land before the Sacrificial Altar can be built.

After it is constructed, hitting the Sacrificial Focus once with a Ghastly Soul Manipulator will cause a lightning strike and ready the altar for the sacrifice. At this point a villager must be placed on the Sacrificial Focus and hit with the Ghastly Soul Manipulator. The villager will be killed and a second lightning strike will hit the altar. Hitting the Focus a third time with the Ghastly Soul Manipulator will cause a large explosion and the Ender Dragon will spawn somewhere nearby.